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Brief Energy Update : Jan 2022

With the full moon on Jan 17th came in some pretty potent energies. You see, Feb is set to be a big month and so these new energies coming in are set to rearrange you and clear you deeply. The period from a full moon to new moon is a time of release. Pay attention to what is surfacing emotionally right now. Do not try to stuff it. Be with it and look at it. It needs healing and for healing to occur, attention and love must be given to it.

These energies are taking a toll on our bodies at the moment too. Many feel heavy, sore and tired. Minds may be running wild and the flow of emotions uncomfortable. Again, I ask you to sit with it. That is an act of love. There is a part of you needing that love and understanding right now.

I also would like to encourage you to open your hearts and open your mouths. Humans enjoy engaging with others, but then when we suffer, we turn our loved ones away and try to go it alone. If you are struggling, it is not the time to turn away. Know the difference between trying to figure it out on your own (not wanting outside info to muddy up your clarity) and when you need support and love. Those who love you will notice. Ask yourself where you have obligations and beliefs that are not serving you. Dig deeply here!

When you are struggling, I ask you not to fold into yourself and only yourself. Be aware of others. Notice them too. Humans have a tendency to be so into their own shit everyone else ceases to exist for the moment. This causes rifts and for others to feel like they do not matter. We must be aware of ourselves and others… it’s not an either/or situation here.

Many wish life was different right now. Many see only darkness and division, doom and gloom. What you do not realize is that in every single day, in every single breath, you can create that light you seek. Every day we can choose to create, live and love. In every moment is an opportunity to observe ourselves and to change gears to a higher frequency. Life is a tv show for the most part. If you don’t like what you are “seeing”, change the channel to something better!

Evaluate the connections you have with everything… your family, your friends, your work, your home… EVERYTHING. All of these things are a reflection of your energies. Where there is discomfort or discord, assess what may no longer be in alignment and actually pull the plug.

Believe me when I tell you, life is short.

Do not waste it on shitty relationships.

Do not waste it going to a job you hate. Take a step today towards something new.

The home is meant to be a place of sanctuary and safety. A place to rest. If you are not loving where you live stop wasting precious time. Seek out ways to change it. Something as simple as paint and art can do wonders. If its energy, seek out someone who can do space clearings. If it’s more than that, summon the courage for a big change!

February is right around the corner, and we are not allowed to play small anymore.

Do the digging now. Life aligns with frequency… and life is calling!

With Love ,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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