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Collective Release

The world at large is casting off its dross.

The energy (planetary retrogrades, solar flares, 7 days Schumann blackout) is facilitating this process.

Galactic changes are taking place.

Big solar changes have and will continue to take place.

The Earth and its inhabitants will be reeling in the effects of this change.

Waves of emotion (grief, anger and doubt), reviewing one’s life, pushing to move forward and willingness to surrender the old are occurring now.

Watch for reactivity and be responsive (aware of your own wounds) instead.

The energy is pushing for an intense release and it’s almost uncomfortable.

The old 3D is unplugged, and the death of the old is imminent.

Willingness to release is a lot easier than continuing to stuff it.

We will watch it decay right in front of us.

To be completely transparent, this is a phase that will really push us as a collective.

It will push us physically as our DNA changes, and our bodies will be pushed to its limits (pain and fatigue).

It will push is in regards to our mental and emotional health as these changes stir the depths and if you don’t have coping skills, you will get the crap kicked out of you.

Now is the time to get your game face on.

Know you can handle things, and that you are worth it.

Where there are deep moments, there are going to be as many amazing and beautiful ones as we align with what is truly our vibe tribe.

Relationships where there are malalignments will continue to splinter… and let them.

Understand that family is not blood. Family is defined as the ones capable of holding your heart when it is bleeding.

Self-care… we need to do it or you will get run over by the truck. Trust me, it hurts.

For those of you in the healing fields, this is even more important, because more and more will be needed from is for the collective!!

Water… drink the water… with crystal light, true lemon, bcaas… whatever… just drink it!

Water is needed to support the cells and the emotions during this time. Did you know it can help with the over-emotionality that we can experience?

Chocolate is also good right now as it hold the heart center open. 20 oz daily in your coffee is also delish!

Alone time is not a bad thing when there are so many unawakened souls out there being assholes, so if you need it, claim it.

If being around people is your thing, surround yourself with your vibe tribe.

Love and support each other.

Practice open and authentic communication.

Practice holding space.

Practice speaking your truth, wholly, fully, completely (Tact! Use tact!!).

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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