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Dead Men Walking

Everywhere around us is disorder, chaos.

There is also much peace and love… provided you look for it.

In the destruction and division there is a great awakening taking place, so please, do not fret.

What is occurring around us is ascension… or descension.

Grow, or disintegrate into dust.

Here we all are, on the precipice of a change greater than you can fathom, but I guarantee you are feeling it.

Back and forth between the old and the “not quite here yet”.

We are standing on this fragile ledge, feet slipping.

You need to fall to learn how to fly my loves.

We are given directives on how to change for the greater good, and we vacillate between these two distinctively different selves.

We know what to do, but we are scared and resistant to do it.

One self clinging to the past, the other reaching for what it cannot see and the only thing to rely on is hope.

We are now standing on the ledge of what was and what is yet to come.

The bridge between who we were and who we are going to become.

One foot in the coffin of the past, one foot in the light of a future that is so bright you cannot see it and the only way through is faith.

We are dead men walking.

The shells of our old selves falling away day by day.

Letting go of the shackles of our pasts and the fears that limit us.

We are allowing ourselves to dream and create a future from our hearts instead of our heads.

When a star dies, it falls and is precious to behold.

It is rare to see it from where we are, but when we do, it’s a breathtaking moment of magic.

Our hearts jump for a moment in sheer awe.

Let the old you fall away and give way to a brilliant light that has yet to take form.

Our lives will never be the same and I think we all know that somewhere deep inside.

We feel we are changing.

Maybe you just didn't know what was happening.

Some are leaving behind everything... their job, their family or friends, even their name.

As we aim for something more, something greater, we see the light start to rise out of the rubble of the past to create something better.

This will be a year where we're drawn back to our spiritual roots and to who we were way back when our souls were first created. We are going back to simpler times where love and kindness reigned.

We are reclaiming our Soul Heritage.

We are creating the land of Eden once again.

To let go of the old, go back to what you felt connected to spiritually.

To what brought you peace, inspiration and hope.

We need these things to nurture the growing light within and to anchor it here.

Self-care is non-negotiable.

Neither is personal responsibility.

Reconnect to your Soul Light.

Your human facade is dying and we can make this process a lot easier.

We were born shamans, healers, priests and priestesses of Magic.

We are Starseeds, born of the great cosmic Light.

Let the old human aspect die off and shine brighter than ever before.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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This is so poetic and beautifully written. I think so many feel that stirring within but wouldn't be able to define so clearly what is actually going on. I like the idea of going back to what you felt connected to spiritually. A sort of bridge to the future. Thank you.


Michele Maus
Michele Maus
Jan 03, 2022

Really like the picture and post. Faith, and peace.

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