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Finally... 2023 is Here!

First of all, Happy New Year!

It finally feels like the chokehold that 2022 held over us is lifting… but what is coming around the corner you may wonder?

I can’t blame you for asking that question… with trepidation.

This year will be a big one and its theme will center around reforming things.

Who we are internally and who we are out in the world. This will mean assessing our inner world and understanding how that inner world shows up in the outer world… your reality.

Tip #1: Get comfortable asking the question “Why would I co-create this”?

We create our realities to learn from, and to heal. That’s why this question will be so important. That insight will change everything about your life… but will require some hefty courage (personal responsibility) to really make change happen. We are not the victim of jack squat!

The reward?

Knowing who you are. Not hurting others due to a lack of awareness of your own crap.

Living a life you actually love and that is in alignment with the essence of you.

Freedom that no one can ever take away.

February is a biggie as far as energetic impact. There are a few things I feel that will cosmically change the very foundations of energy on this planet based on how they line up.

The Green Comet/ZTF is passing through now, set to peak tomorrow. Some of you may be feeling this already. Tired, yet really ready to move on from some things and lay some things to rest.

This comet comes around once every 50,000 years. The last time this was through our neck of the woods was in the era of Neanderthals. Think about how much life has changed since then!!!

Its message is one of rebirth… endings and beginnings.

This comet will impact both global and personal change.

It shows itself to me as a knife cutting a beautiful piece of silk fabric into shreds with great ease. I see these shreds beautifully falling with the movement of the wind as they descend to the ground. I do not feel this is a bad or scary thing, as I find it beautiful to watch the strands of fabric falling.

The Aquarian 2/2 Gate occurs the day after. Aquarius is all about freedom, movement and ingenuity. Also, can influence rebellion. It is associated with water (emotion). It is also related to The Star in the Tarot deck. To me, this card is about gathering the Light of the Heavens and pouring it upon the Earth.

Do you see where I am going with this energy?

Next is the Solar activity. Solar activity changes the consciousness of everything in our Solar System. And man, has it been active the last several weeks.

Solar flares and geomagnetic storm forcefully push out an energy that changes our intelligence. It aligns us more with the Divine… and that translates into pushing all lower vibrational energy to the surface.

Think of it as cleaning some deep dirt and grime. It’s a dirty job but we are all responsible for our own energy field. A field not tended to is not very productive.

Tip #2: Look at what you are feeling and dig deep to understand it.

Emotions are messengers, not the enemy. Stop resisting… trust me. You will not win. Busying yourself to distract from the discomfort? Sorry… but you cannot hide!

The joy we experience will also be deeper. We will find our connections growing. We will be finding our tribe as we step into our authentic selves more and more. The love is growing on this planet and the journey now is to understand what Love is and be open to experiencing it. And it can be so fun to do so!

Tip #3: Make time for what inspires you. Be with people you love.

The power of laughter is not to be taken lightly. Be weird. Be a dork. Run naked in the streets with your freak flag flying free… well, maybe not if you are in Minnesota at the moment… holy crap is it cold!

Enjoy the energy of change. Do not fear it. There are a great many souls who have been hard at work for us to be able to release the chains that have held us in a state of illusion and control.

It is time to embrace freedom and fun.

Enjoy the journey of change… and make sure you look at how far you have come over the last several years. Honor what you have achieved!

And then set goals, because it’s a new wave coming in!


Don’t sink!

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

(photo cred: NASA)

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2 comentarios

Love you Becky. You are such a real beautiful woman

Me gusta

YIKES! Yet, I am excited to get past this current point of "sitting in sameness". I'm tired of me and am eager to see what comes out of this stage. Thank you for your insights... always!

Me gusta
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