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As of late, I have a feeling many of your minds and emotions are going through it. A full moon has a way of doing that to us at times.

After a “wake up call” of waking up in the middle of the night suddenly and praying to the porcelain God, I knew instinctively this was energetic and related to the issue of “personal will”. I could feel things within me shifting and changing as my outlook on life and how I engage with it is shifting.

What popped into my mind at the end of the evening yesterday was the word “purpose”.

Then this morning the message came through after I asked Source why I have never felt that need to have purpose. Some people really have a longing, a desire to feel that they have purpose in their lives. So much so, it torments them.

Source stated to me that “purpose” is a human creation... the human mind (ego) came up with it in order to validate itself. Meaning, the human never felt “good enough” and therefore, came up with the word or concept of “purpose”… in effect, it means that the human must do something that is worthy of being alive. Something worthy enough to be deserving of love.

I don’t know about you, but damn, that sat me back on my ass a bit.

Source says that when people ask what their “purpose” is or what can they do to feel more fulfilled, that we humans are actually asking the wrong question, or we are not understanding what we are really wanting or longing for.

Me: Huh???

Source: “Your human minds concocted the concept of purpose. The Soul has no need for such a thing. The Soul only desires to learn, to express and to experience. It does not care how it does that. Its essence is merely that of love”.

“The question you humans are really asking is how you, as individuals, can share more love. To share more of yourselves and more love through expression and action. The longing many humans experience is because they have so much love to offer but don’t know what to do with it”!

“Your quest for purpose is really the desire to share love, and you just don’t realize it. Sharing love is simple, and it is not rolled up into roles, jobs, etc… it is simply going about life and in each moment, sharing love”.

“To answer your question about why you haven’t felt the longing for purpose, it’s because you seek ways to show love to others, so there is no longing for purpose”.

My takeaway-

For those who are struggling with that need to find a way to live life with more purpose, reframe your thinking…

In which ways can you show more love to the world?

That is the question we are really asking. It matters not how we do it… just that we do!

I think for many, we desire to show love, but don’t want to be vulnerable or risk getting hurt, and hence the word “purpose” comes into frame… a way to give love to others, and decrease our risk of vulnerability.


With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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1 Comment

Wow, I just "found" this and am blown away. I have been struggling with my "purpose" for years, as I am 59 years old and still don't feel drawn to any one passion or project. Your words are so helpful and have truly enlightened me to something within myself. Thank you! You just made my day, and possibly the rest of my life.

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