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In a time where there is so much shifting around us, now is a great time to ponder the lives we have created.

What’s the integrity of your foundation looking like?

Foundations are crucial to what we create.

It is what we build our lives upon.

An unsteady foundation leads to a weak structure. If the foundation is weak, life becomes a house of cards.

It could be moved by even the gentlest of breezes.

Everything comes crumbling down.

We don’t question things when times are good. We weren’t taught to.

But not doing this causes breakdown behind the walls we live within.

Many take for granted what we have, gratitude becoming something we usually forget about.

But, oh, if that wind blows…

We sure are aware of breakdown when shit hits the fan, aren’t we?

We forget that our structure needs maintenance.

First, we need a steady ground on which to build on. Anyone who has ever purchased a house knows what happens when the ground shifts… walls crack, windows leak, and things no longer line up.

Houses are a symbol of your spiritual safe-haven. A temple of sorts.

What’s yours looking like nowadays?

It your temple livable? Or should it be deemed condemned?

How you feel in your home means more than you think.

And there are other structures.

We don’t stop to think about our bodies often, do we?

We don’t thank it for its health.

We don’t appreciate its strength.

We don’t honor its need for quality fuel.

We pick it apart and judge it.

We complain how this hurts or that hurts.

We even abuse it.

But did you stop to be grateful for the fact you have it?

What happens if you neglect the body, forgetting to love it?

The muscles weaken.

Bones lose their density.

Your structure becomes weak.

One can no longer hold themselves up against the elements of the Universe.

The integrity of the bones can be known to you during times of stress.

What you've been neglecting will make itself known.

Bones are organic matter.

They are the strength and structure.

Of body.

Of building.

They provide protection.

Take some time to evaluate your structure.

Is it needing some work?

With Love,

For all of my relations,

Rebecca Costello, psychic medium

Dancing Elk

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