Energy Healing Sessions

When our bodies are not in energetic alignment, it results in dis-ease in the physical body, mental body, emotional body and even the Spiritual body. This can cause aches and pains, mental disturbances such as disruptive or negative thought patterns, and emotional pain, and suffering. It can cause us to also feel disconnected from our Source, leading us to feel a bit alone and lost here.

If you have gone through a traumatic experience, a part of our soul can splinter off. Retrieving those lost pieces of ourselves can allow us to finally begin to heal and find wholeness again.

As a Reiki Master, and Energy healer, I work to balance your energy fields in all levels of existence. If there is energetic "junk" in our energy fields, (which happens since we are around others all the time!) I remove it. I look at your aura, your energetic protection, to ensure that it is healthy.