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Medical Intuitive Sessions

Ever heard of "Nurse's Intuition"?

It's not uncommon that one will have ailments that pop up, but yet when visiting with their Doctor, answers can't be found.

Working in the medical field as an RN has allowed me to "feel" numerous ailments and conditions, and also to feel the "energy signature" that often accommodates these ailments as well.


Every dysfunction in the body is felt by one who is energetically sensitive.

Whether it is a cold spot, hot spot, or a dense feeling that doesn't seem to fit with the energy of the rest of the body, I work to help clients understand what is going on, what they can do to assist in alleviating symptoms while working with their medical care team.

Sometimes these symptoms can be purely energetic, and can be resulting from the Spiritual changes taking place in our Universe. These changes have a strong affect on the human physical body. I assist clients in understanding these changes and how to handle them.

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