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Becky Costello

Psychic Medium,  Medical Intuitive,  Energy Healing
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Since I was a little kid I wanted to fix the hurt, soothe emotional pain, and make others smile and be happy. If someone had a cut or scrape, I would want to patch them up. I remember being very young, and seeing so many sad and hurting people. I remember seeing angry people and wondering why or how they got that way. It wouldn’t take me long to see the wounds of humanity. I guess my soul’s journey into healing began very young. And then I became that wounded angry person. Nothing helped ease the pain… until I fully embraced my weirdness, as I like to call it.


My desire to help others led me into the field of nursing. However, when getting into the actual field, I discovered that nursing as I envisioned it is not the same as what I had hoped it would be for me. I got into nursing to spend time talking to, nurturing and helping others feel loved. But in reality, the patient load and paperwork did not allow for as meaningful of a connection as I had wished.


After a nerve-wracking experience, I made the decision to walk away from nursing altogether and focus on my spiritual work which meant so much to me. I felt that through this work I could fulfill my desire to assist others in feeling loved, cared for and inspired to live their best lives. I use my medical background to help others when they have questions about their health or need some insight into something which needs healing.


After being married to a police officer, and a brief stint in the military myself, I saw the toll that these experiences can have on people, their psyche and their lives.

I live it. I feel it. I see it.

That is why I take a special interest in our veterans, law enforcement officers and firefighters.


Doing this work has allowed me to see into the hearts and minds of others. I see and feel what they do. This gift allows me to cut through the dross and get to the point of what is blocking people. This allows me to give the greatest amount of insight in the shortest amount of time, so one can move on with their own healing journey.

Whether it’s the fact-based insight gleaned from a psychic medium session, or a little bit of peace achieved in an energy healing, my goal is always to help you find peace in your life and inspire you to live life fully, authentically and with peace.


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psychic medium, energy healing and
medical intuitive work

30 min- $100.00

60 min- $200.00


*please note:

30 minute minimum per person

Shamanic Healing Sessions are done in person at my office in NORTHFIELD
and are
60-90 minutes in length 




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