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Divine DNA Activation with Meditation 


In this session it is my hope that you will learn a little more about your divine dna and how activating it will change your life.


The importance of any ACTIVATION is that you mean it, you commit to it. It involves you opening your heart/body and entire being completely. It means allowing it to work with you, where you feel it, work with it and to bcome it. 


The Earth, or Gaia has chosen to ascend, so to, must we. For a New Earth to be an actual reality/experience here, there are changes we must make within us as individuals to make it happen. The New Earth experience is a personal choice and a personal commitment. The New Earth must be chosen by individuals en-mass before it can become a unified whole new reality.Otherwise, an old earth experience is the alternative. Everyone does have to chose this and "do this" themselves.


This human consciousness and body expansion is one which takes time and patience as well as understanding. Not only will this shift our thoughts/perceptions/beliefs, it will change the very body vehicle we inhabit. We are already feeling the effects of this as our Universe is being bombarded by Light and our planet’s energy fields and templates change.


Include class outline, class lecture and a guided meditation

Divine DNA Activation (class and meditation)

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