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Energy Update: A 2nd New Moon with Solar Eclipse

Massive DNA Upgrades and Consciousness Expansion

Oh how many messages I have received from so many of you wondering what the hell is going on in the Universe. Oh my dears, there is SOOO much happening, but I promise you it is all for your better good!

Over the last several weeks, Solaris (our Sun’s Soul name) has been very active… more active than I can ever recall. There is a Divine Purpose in this.

Then to top things off, we are wrapping up the month with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus. You are likely feeling these energies now as they tend to show up early.

The Solar Activity:

The Role of Solaris here is to give us life, illuminate truth and understand Power.

It is a symbol of life, a symbol of power.

In the Spring, a symbol of peace and joy.

In the Summer, a symbol of its seriousness and teaches us things regarding timing (ever tried doing things mid-day when i’'s 90-100 degrees?) and power.

Lately there have been a LOT of solar flares. More than I remember.

Think of a volcano x’s a billion…. The power of these cosmic explosions is unfathomable.

What you may not realize is that within the light of the Sun are packets of light codes that our human bodies absorb. When a Flare and coronal mass ejection happen, you are being send a wave of illuminating light… with a massive punch.

Imagine being in a dark room and suddenly someone comes in with a blinding (painful at times) spotlight. There is a big adjustment at times with this. Now, imagine if you are sleeping when this happens.

When these solar flares blow, there is an incoming flow of light and energy that shifts us.

Our bodies, our DNA, is made to be activated by this light. How do you feel after being outside in the sunlight for just a few minutes? When we are careful and respectful of its power, we are happy inside. It’s a little dose of happy pill. A baby dose of this energy has entered or cells, our DNA and generated a chemical and activated something within our Spirits and our Bodies. It allows us to feel joy.

Now when you live in a dark room that you are comfortable with, you cannot necessarily see what is in this room. Suddenly this massive wave of light illuminates the room, and you see things in the room you didn’t realize was there. Some good things, and some things you would rather pretend you didn’t see.

However, you cannot unsee what has been seen.

This is how a massive shift; a massive awakening goes. It’s a blast of illumination in those dark rooms.

It breaks apart the bonds that hold the shadowy things down so you do not have to see them. When the bonds break, the hidden rises to the surface.

When this ick is released, it leaves room for more light, and more light allows you to shift perspective, allowing you to see the bigger picture. This is how consciousness expands.

It goes from 12x12 to 30x30 to 100x100 to 1000 x 1000… you get the idea.

The bigger the picture, the more clear, the more detailed, the more clear and the more beautiful the picture. And in terms of art, those larger pieces are considered masterpieces, are they not?

So, our minds and our hearts are becoming masterpieces of beautiful art.

Our bodies are deeply impacted by this.

When light shines into a dark room, you see the cracks in the wall, the stinky water pooling, and the mess all over the place. When you see this, you have 2 choices… fix it or it will become ruin.

Seriously, there is no other alternatives here.

What we do not tend to will degrade, and degradation turns to ruin.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus:

A new moon in the sign of Taurus will create a time of new beginnings for our bodies and areas of our lives needed personal transformation. It will push us out and into finding a reconnection to Gaia once again after (in the colder places) being cooked up and starting to go a little crazy. The energy from the Solar Eclipse adds emphasis to the importance that being grounded and nurturing our bodies has for our physical and spiritual journey.

Taurus hits at the body, our areas of comfort as well as where we are obstinate and stubborn. Our bodies feel this and because our consciousness expands, the body will naturally want to remedy the situation. It will grab ahold of the mind and say, “Hey knucklehead, we got a problem here” and it will work to fix it.

This will cause us to feel foggy in the brain, our bodies very tired, as rest and sleep are the recovery centers and it’s how it integrates these higher frequencies.

When we resist this process, you will find yourself taken out at the knees now.

Restoration and repair of the mind, the emotions and the body are not a choice on the soul level. It’s mandatory. If your human aspect decides to become resistant, the price you pay (suffering) steepens. Oftentimes this is why people are struggling. They begin feeling something uncomfortable and freak out because they don’t want to.

As this light/energy from this new moon/eclipse enters the mind, the heart and the body, things unlock, emotions and memories surface. Sometimes even memories from another life will pop up that catch you off -guard.

The result of all of this is consciousness expansion… or simply, spiritual graduation to the next level spiritually. Each “graduation” gives you a key to a new wonderful place where things are different.

The color of your world changes, becoming more vivid. More beautiful.

You sense the grandness of things, and that little kid inside may find itself curious and excited about life again. Or it may also throw a tantrum, and this is where we need to practice parenting it.

You may find the willingness to finally allow yourself to feel what you’ve been running from. And you will come to find that allowing this, by making space for it causes it to leave… just like a wave arrived, it leaves too.

It is through the arrival of greater and greater frequencies of light that we discover who we truly are. It is through the light we shed layers of density and darkness. This is a major wave of expansion.

Get outside and receive the light of the Sun.

Drink the dang water... your bodies need it more than you know, as these energies take more from you, even if you've sat on your bum all day!

It is an individual journey as well as a collective one.

Please utilize this for your best and highest good.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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