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Energy Update for 22nd July to 29 July

I have had some serious wtf moments over the last week. Where there is chaos, there is change. So, I thought I would share...There is much going on out there!

Are you familiar with the impact the Sun, Solaris, has on humanity? Just think for a moment, that it gives life… alters life. It’s impact on us is not a small one.

Over the last several days, there has been some major explosions in space… and what happens there, affects us here, in a big way. These things happen to align with very important dates that allows time/space to alter the amount of energy that penetrates our Earthly realms.

For a few days there have been solar explosions blasting off on the Sun. Almost a week ago, there was a massive explosion on the sun, on the side that was facing AWAY from us! It was one of the biggest CME explosions ever recorded. For reference, the force of the explosion kicked out energy at over 5 million miles per hour!! It was so powerful, it still hit the Earth and we are feeling the reelings of it now.

And the magnetics are also shifting within us and within the planet. This can cause us all kinds of wonkiness.

Headaches, body aches.



Anxiety through the damn roof.

PTSD/remnants of old traumas circling back around.

Any of those hitting the mark for you?

We are entering into another spiritual passage from now until the 29th or so. Intensely active regions of Solaris are aligning with this particular passage. The Sun has been releasing massive amounts of material, and this material shifts what we think, what we feel and believe. More light equals higher consciousness/awareness.

This type of energy is what I call a “buster”… it comes in and breaks things up, but it illuminates it first, then alters the reality we live in. (translation: sucks butt) This is where it gets the associated phrase “revelation wave”. It illuminates where things are no longer or have never been “true”. When this occurs, we begin asking questions... of ourselves and of life playing out around us.

With this increasing light wave coming in, it is likely to stir some emotions. We must stay centered in our heart space, while also being aware of what we ourselves are experiencing. When the magnetics change, its very hard on us. Physically, we may feel like we are walking-talking pressure cookers about ready to blow. Our bodies and heads my hurt. Our guts become irritated. Fatigue is to be expected for many. Please understand this is because things (old) are coming to an end. Self-care, again, is a must!

As this time feels like a wrap up of sorts, you may find it helpful to go through things. Pack them up and get rid of what holds no purpose or value for you now. New beginnings are about, and I am also seeing many planning for their own new beginnings (myself included). Space clearing can be so helpful to you now!!

Can you tell that you are changing? Yes, old shit is surfacing. It doesn’t mean you are going backwards. Just pause and reflect. In doing so, you allow the new self to come to light and find new ways to express yourselves out in the world.

Also, with this new energy coming in, you may notice the quality or even the “color” of energy shifting. For those of you who are energy healers, you may actually feel this energy as more effervescent and bubbly, with the color of gold. I am also seeing streams of magenta, which is one of the most divinely healing colors.

Some may see flashes of shapes or symbols. Welcome these into your being as they are a part of your spiritual and physical evolution.

It may appear like the world is going to the crapper, but this is where faith comes in. Hold your hearts in the light, even when it is hard or hurtful. Make decisions that are for your best and highest good or best and highest expression of self.

I would like to address anxiety right now. Body anxiety, or where you feel like you want to crawl out of your skin or your heart is pounding or flopping around like a crappie… this is because your higher heart is being activated to another level, and thus, it begins to spin faster. It can take quite a bit for the body to accommodate to this (I have had my own serious issues with this the last few days). Be patient, and nurture yourself as best you can. Again, self-care is a must.

I hope this info help you.

These are very powerful times of change we are in.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello

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