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If you stop for a moment and look around you and think about the people you know, how deep are your conversations? What emotions do you “hear” about? Humans really suck at communicating their depth and truth don’t they? We either run from the emotions of others or give everything we have to avoid our own.

It takes a lot of courage to really love ourselves enough to sit in the discomfort.

Let’s talk about emotions for a moment.

Emotion is defined as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Sensations are defined as physical feelings resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body.

While the words are often used interchangeably, emotions and feelings are actually two very different things but are connected. Emotions originate as sensations in the body. Feelings are influenced by our emotions but are generated from our mental thoughts.

So… what do you think is actually the problem here?

Is it emotion or sensation?

The answer is sensation.

Sensations in our body trip our minds into a panic and the gerbil kicks into full gear. This is where our human aspect gets stupid and does all kinds of different things to avoid what is going on in the body. We search for anything to disconnect or distract the mind. If we are resistant or avoidant, anxiety and irritability result.

Think about it.

Have you ever had a shitty few days and found yourself cranky, irritable or found yourself irritable for unknown reasons? If you pause for a moment, maybe you will realize you have felt a little down or low before getting irritable. But when you don’t allow yourself to be in the sensations irritability or anxiety result.

In our culture (most cultures actually) emotions are what we discuss, however emotions aren’t really the issue when it comes to healing. The sensations within the body that are the problem. The reaction begins in the body, loops to the mind and then back to the body and the vicious cycle begins. So, where we need to start the healing process is in the body and sitting with the body and what it is experiencing in the moment.

When you feel down or low, there is a reason for it. It is the wise advisor saying “Take some time out here because something is coming to the surface”. Humans don’t need to suffer. But the suffering we experience is related to this loop of body sensations generating thoughts (how many of you are “worse case scenario” types?) that cause us to go a little mental. Identifying the emotion or the scenario is only a part of the equation.

To heal, we must go into our bodies and identify the sensations. I tell people to think of descriptive words (adjectives) and the location in the body you are feeling it. What you may not understand is that what you are feeling in this very moment (the body sensations) are actually rooted in a past experience (emotion) that may have absolutely nothing to do with the scenario of the “now” moment. The “now” is triggering a past sensation that has not been dealt with. And oftentimes, these sensations are stuck inside of you… in your body and in your cells. They can then accumulate. This is where hyperreactivity results.

How many times have you or someone else had a reaction that was way over the top in comparison to what occurred? This is what I am talking about. This is “sensation accumulation overload”. The barrel of monkeys just got tipped over and the little shits are running amok.

When we are avoidant to sitting in sensation (this is the definition of “feeling), it will come up out of nowhere and knock you on your butt.

When you feel down, understand that a past event that is blocking you or imprisoning you (even if you are clueless that it had an adverse effect on you) is trying to leave you. It wants to be free and so do you. Sometimes we incur so much that we are not even aware it exists! Pushing it down, avoiding or resisting it causes a myriad of problems… physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sitting in it means to ask questions of it. It is demanding your attention and like a child, it will only keep getting more obnoxious until you stop ignoring it.

Locate it in the body first.

Describe it… what the sensation is/feels like. Do not use emotions in the description… like love, pain grief. Descriptive words will be related to your senses… use your eyes, your nose, your fingers or skin, your ears etc.

Seek to understand it and why it is there.

How old does this feel? Are you a little child? Is there a memory attached where you had those same sensations in the body? Going back in time to find all the occasions you had the same sensations in the body and "collecting them all" is how we heal. We do this by collecting the sensations and going as far back as we can to find the root. You have to pull the root or the weed will continue to grow. Cutting a cord will not work fully here as a stem can regrow if simply cut down.

Do NOT judge this as negative!

To see it as such is an indication you are holding a perception or belief that isn’t true, or it isn’t in your best and highest good. Understand that to judge something shows a lack of information, a lack of understanding. Judgement imprisons you.

Allow it to be there.

Look at it through the lens of love.

Examine it.

It is trying to communicate to you that it needs help and wants to be free.

The root cause of the uncomfortable sensations will reveal itself to you if you can love yourself enough to understand what’s inside you.

The moment you give it your attention, the discomfort leaves you.

Don’t believe me?

Try it yourself the next time you are feeling something uncomfortable.

It truly does work… even with the toughest emotion… grief…. And the sensations that come with it.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing


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