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Walk-In Souls

Have you ever wondered what happened to you because of a life changing experience, or did you ever feel you went to bed one person only to wake up another? Life was a given way, and you suddenly woke and felt like you were in a completely foreign place and you felt disconnected to the life you are in?

In life there are times where a soul inhabits a body, and somewhere in the middle of that particular journey, the soul vacates the body and is then occupied by another soul.

Sound strange to you?

Oh, its very strange indeed… especially if it is you this happens to.

This is often a contracted experience between two souls before the body is born.

The Soul that leaves often goes into another dimension of time space or into what is called “the light” so they can rest and recover and take their souls experiences into another place or time.

What may happen to afford this opportunity to happen?

A near death experience which changed everything about how you live life.

A radical shift in thought processes and beliefs.

A complete disconnection of everything and everyone you once felt connected to.

Struggling to connect with family and friends that happens out of nowhere.

A sudden shift in interests (and even talents).

A newfound clarity on life or particular situations.

Amnesia/forgetfulness or dissociation of past traumas or situations for a while.

A deeper feeling of knowing and experiencing Source.

A sudden knowing of certain past life memories.

A change in personality that often results in more confidence and self-love.

There may be a change in the way someone communicates, often becoming more tactfully assertive.

Others may say you seem like a different person

Major life changes engineered from no longer feeling connected… change in relationship, job, etc. so they can focus on being in service in a bigger way.

As you can imagine, this can be quite an adjustment for both the soul coming in and the loved ones of that person. Imagine what it would feel like to step into a stranger's life… or to have a loved one suddenly seem unfamiliar or “off”.

Perhaps you are now wondering, why this would occur?

The initial soul comes in to have a particular experience, reaches a point of its experiences then vacates the body. It could be related to illness or trauma, where a soul wanted to learn what it means to heal or live with a particular challenge, and then the walk-in soul comes in to hone it’s healing abilities.

The soul experiencing the hardship offers to give up its body to another stronger soul who can come in and further it’s growth… if all conditions (including the physical vehicle wired appropriately for it) are in alignment.

Is this you or someone you know?

If it is you, follow your newfound interests and passions! Also be patient with yourself as there is at least 6 months to a year of adjustment that takes place.

If it is someone you know, allow it to be what it is, and be patient as this individual is going through a massive life adjustment.

We are entering a time in our history where there are increasing numbers of soul walk-ins due to the nature of events right now. Some souls have waited until the frequency reached a particular level and then they come in and switch places to be a part of the spiritual and evolutional changes taking place here.

We are on the precipice of great change and many of you are feeling this deep in your bones.

Some Souls are leaving now, and others are being born.

Many are swapping out because the time of light (illuminates chaos) is here.

Let us say goodbye to the souls transitioning.

Let us greet the newborn souls with loving hearts and open arms and teach them there is goodness here.

Let us welcome the new souls in vintage bodies who have come here to make a difference and shift this Earth and its inhabitants to higher existences of love and light.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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