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A Channeled Message

Hello everyone!

This morning I was sending an email regarding a channeled message I had received for someone a few days ago. As I was typing this up, I saw this wasn't just for one particular person, it can apply to all of us. I hope that with the energies being the way they are, someone can find some peace in the channeled words.


If you have an IN-PERSON session with me in Sept or Oct, please contact me immediately! Due to the ramping up of covid numbers, I am suspending in-person sessions for the sake of safety. With a good friend on life support, I cannot in good conscience take a chance at risking anyone else's wellbeing at the moment. I do plan to return to in-person sessions when the number fall some!!

Please contact me via Facebook or email me at We can schedule your current session for a Zoom session! I just need to set things up privately to do so.

Ok, now on to the Channeled Message:

"Things are happening to you to show you where there is good in people, but you have to be willing to see it.

To manifest a higher vibrational reality, you must shift the way you view your world. You cannot fake it or only believe in it part of the time. You must find the blessings in all things.

You must engage in life. The anxiety you feel is because your Soul's heart is expanding and opening, thus, more is coming to the surface to be dealt with and cleared. Anxiety tells you that you are resisting this process. You hide behind shame and fear of being judged, when what your Soul wants is openness, clarity and to be light for the hearts of others who are in darkness and pain.

You want to know your purpose, yet you run from the very things that created the light within... that finally tore down that hard exterior. When that exterior crumbled, the light was revealed.

Your purpose is that of being a light in the world via expression of vulnerability so that others may be inspired by your truth.

Your Soul is pushing hard in this direction, and your egoic self is pulling just as hard in the opposite direction. When you do not allow the soul to follow its path, an inner war is the result. This only stops when you answer the call of the Soul.

Look at where hiding yourself from the world and how shame has caused you to stop living. Look at what it's costing you!

Your head is foggy and unclear because you keep trying to control the process of growth. When the head is foggy it is harder to hold control, and then the Soul can step forth to do the healing it came here to do.

Your body requires rest, but your egoic self will not let that be, so the Soul and the body have become lethargic so that you have no choice but to rest. To keep pushing against this will only create more lethargy and greater levels of frustration.

The malaise you feel is because your Soul is shifting your alignment to a new reality. It is shifting you from personal will to Divine will. This is where the Soul's purpose overrides what the human wants.

Dismantling is a part of the process, but how you are affected by it is strictly dependent on your level of resistance.

Your world seems small and lonely at times because you have created it to be that way. You can create a new reality with each and every choice you make.

Honor where you are.

Accept the gifts in it.

Receive with gratitude".

With Love and Light

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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