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A Day Out of Time

Today, July 25th, is what is called a Day Out Of Time. Confused by what this means? I’m not surprised. I was too when I first discovered it.

Today is a point in time where they say time is suspended. Think of it as zero point… where everything and nothing exists at the same time. It is a place between the worlds.

The world of what was… or ”yesterday”.

And what is yet to be… or “tomorrow”.

A place of pause.


It is a place of merging the past with the future, to manifest a new and prosperous timeline.

Tomorrow, July 26th, heralds the opening of The Lion’s Gate portal.

Tomorrow is also the beginning of the Galactic New Year. Galactic New Year means renewal!

New paths, new opportunities, new growth.

The Galactic New Year occurs when the blue star, Sirius, the brightest star in our night sky, begins to rise. Sirius has always been a very special star place to me, and I have been visited by these beautiful beings many times. They are a huge part of the awakening and ascension of Humanity at this time. That is why this point in time is so important and has such a huge impact on our individual and collective awakening.

This marks the opening of what is called the Lion’s Gate (astrological sign of Leo). It begins opening now, peaks on 8/8, and filters out around the 11th or 12th. If you are also a Leo, you will feel this even strong as a power burst! Yahoo! And if you are a Leo, your new year of lessons will also be fully online (called your solar return chart), and thus, this new beginning is even more potent.

What does this mean for us?

During this particular gateway, a new paradigm of awareness floats in. Helping this along is the solar activity and plasma energy associated with it. In this energy are what is called “freedom codes” which activate within our DNA and this then activates our next level of lightbody, and from this place we level up, and remove what is holding us back. Think of it as dropping off dead weight that is orchestrated by our DNA.

When this occurs, anything outdated goes… old timelines, old realities, old patterns, and even people may begin to drop off from one’s reality. Everything about this is about energetic alignment.

It is a time to complete old life paths to begin new ones. The good news is that this energy is very helpful in making it easier to wrap this stuff up! It signifies the return of prosperity and abundance to Humanity and all other inhabitants of this beautiful planet. Even plants and animals are experiencing an upgrade!

How can we take maximum advantage of this energy?

First and foremost, Meditate!

Meditation quiets the Ego mind so that the voice of our spiritual self can be heart. It changes the energy and calms the neurological system, which gets very stressed during times of amplified energy. You do not have to meditate in silence. I recommend guided meditations or calming music. Remember, meditation is not the absence of thought (impossible!!) it is the ability to not attach to thought.

Use of Crystals

Ocean Jasper and Clear Quartz will be helpful now. Clear Quartz is an amplifier and can be used to direct and integrate the energy, especially if you have Quartz points. Ocean Jasper brings with it the peaceful and calming energy of the epths of the ocean which help make it easier to assimilate these energies, especially if we have some anxiety with this uptick in energy. Ocean jasper is incredibly soothing. Larimar would also be another great one to use!

Use of Frequencies and Sounds

Solfeggio and Binaural Beats are very good at realigning the brain during this activation periods. Work with frequencies under 100hz to balance the brain and body connection. Singing bowls are also another beautiful thing to add.

Sacred Geometry

Look up the pattern for Flower of Life. Simply looking at it and meditating with it is very helpful. It connects you with Source and helps remind you how all things are interconnected and how separation is merely an illusion.

Color Healing

Wear or visualize the color emerald green and peach during this time. Emerald green is a healing color and is also associated with Archangel Raphael, the angel of divine healing.

Peach is a mixture of pink and gold, and is related to friendship, joy and modesty and innocence. When I envision this color, it is almost a rose gold color, slightly metallic in its presence.

Take advantage of the energy available to us now!

Set up a mini practice for yourself over the next 2 weeks and set the intention to utilize this energies for your best and highest good!

With Love,

Rebecca Costello

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