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A Time Of Healing

Society has become so dysfunctional it's easy to become distracted by the external drama. As spiritual beings, we must be very clear where to orientate our 'ship' of the soul, and carefully journey through the landscape we need to sail through. To avoid crashing and sinking, we need to focus and be disciplined every single moment.

Where is Your Attention Right Now?

Are you mucking around in the external bullshit and partaking in it or are you disconnecting from most everything and searching for the voice of the soul to show you the way? Our mindset here matters. It will either assist you or imprison you... but it is truly you who decides that.

The mind serves you when in observation mode… to see what is popping up in front of you so you can navigate safely without becoming the Titanic, and you go down with the ship. But if you observe then create a story and add emotions into the mix, you just created a soap opera. This in turn drops your frequency and you begin playing in the pigpens.

There is Light energy here, and there are nefarious energies here. Be aware of what you are doing, as the denser energies prefer the dramas and chaos as it limits human ascension. The wise ones see what is really happening here. To play in that crap is to go down with the ship... however, you better have your life jacket on and not be afraid of dark, cold waters.

When the waters get rough, who would you rather have at the wheel? Your soul, who is an expert at navigating dark places or Captain Drunkard who can barely keep himself upright as the waters toss you side to side?

Firstly, we have to acknowledge the situation we are in… we do not have to like it, but change starts with awareness… light brings awareness. What I would like for you to consider is that chaos is merely diversity in action. Do you see how if you see it that way it’s not so bad? It decreases the “negative” connotation it has?

Doing Something With the “Suck”

We must acknowledge the sucky parts, the shadows of ourselves and of life. And in that we must also take responsibility for co-creating it? Oh… did I just irritate you? Yes… you co-created it. If you didn’t, you would not be impacted in the least by it. We can co-create from a soul level, accrued Karma, etc. How to handle it is actually to lean into the suck, acknowledge where you feel it, see it and deal with it.

Where is it in your body?

What does it look like to you?

Then, ask yourself what you want to do with it.

I bet you didn’t know you could heal yourself, did ya? Yep. Now get on that. There is enough irresponsible jackasses running around. We do not need to be a part of the problem.

Psychic Detective Time-

Search for those areas of resistance or contraction. Trust me, you will know them when you feel them. Remember, October is here to help us do this. Look into your relationships with others, your living and working environments. What are you avoiding, shirking, or reacting to?

Do you have any idea how much peace you will find at the core of you if you unwind the crap all twisted up in there? It’s twisting to get your attention! It is blocking you from knowing your absolute essence, and it is anchoring you to a 3D world of drama and suffering. Did you know suffering is driven by the mind?

Your Natural Essence-

Most people are clueless as to what a Soul is or when we are living from its essence. The Soul, to me anyway, is much like the wind. It’s out there, moving, touching all things. It simply moves. Some things are affected based on how strong the presence is.

Wind moves simply to move. It merely desires to be, to exist as an element of nature, a force of the Heavens.

The Soul has no attachment to outcomes, objectives or individualized goals. The Soul’s purpose is to be an expression of divine energy, like the wind. To help in this expression, the Soul chose a form. There are many forms of Soul physicalizations, the human being one of them. So, the goal for enlightened humanity is to be a walking, talking, physical beings of the Divine.

Understand, attachment and judgement are human things… not a Soul thing. What matters is the Universe within, not out there. Imagine how different the world would be if we all recognized our divinity and the human aspect only carried out the actions of the Soul. That my friends, is the definition of heaven.

To Begin Living From your Soul Space, Watch What is Triggered Within-

A difficult situation popped up? Ok. Now, how are you going to handle that? Are you trying to “fix” it? Are you caught in a repetitive cycle? Stop right there. The Soul does not do that. It steps back, assesses itself and seeks to rebuild its peaceful center within itself.

It does not react, it revises.

It does not change others, it changes itself.

It re-orientates its ship.

It sees that there is nothing to fix.

It is merely a lesson of personal peace restoration. Reflect upon why you got tight in your body and why you got drawn into the spin. People in life are merely pawns for the sake of your growth and self-discovery. People are there to tune you into yourself!

Life Gives Constant Feedback-

Humans can be pretty dense at times. We miss so much because we fail to pay attention to more than our own miserable thoughts. When in nature, do you stop to consider the creatures that cross your path? How is their energy? What are they doing? Do you notice synchronistic things around you? Are you catching certain song lyrics pull at you more than others? Are you noticing certain colors more? Are numbers showing up in your world in repeated ways? Patterns are how Spirit reaches us.

Are you living an empowered or disempowered life? Not sure? Ask yourself what your perception is on life. That will be your answer. It’s your beliefs generating your reality... that is why we are all experiencing different realities. We generate them individually from within. Your mind is your magic wand, so twirl it wisely.

The energy for deep transformation is already upon us. Pluto, the planet of deep and lasting transformation is very active this month. Harness its gift.


Psychology of Tarot Part 3: How to Read the Cards

Tues Oct 12th at 6:30pm Central


In this class we will play with different layouts that can be used for both Tarot and Oracle cards and learn how to interpret them.

In this class there will be sample readings so you can learn to understand the stories the cards tell.

Part 1 and 2 recommended, but not needed.

All paperwork is emailed to you the DAY BEFORE so you can look at it before starting.

Can't make it that day? That's ok. You will still receive paperwork and post class recording to study at your own leisure!

Please email me at or message me on FB to sign up for this class.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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1 Comment

Kellie VonBank
Kellie VonBank
Oct 03, 2021

Thank you for the humbling slap on the cheek. This entire post resoundingly resonates with nearly every conversation, interaction, and experience within the last week. Time to confess my wrong doings and re-calibrate my compass. This post will be one which is printed, hung in plain sight and reread a magnitude of times. I'm grateful for your gift and the light you so kindly shine on others without expectations. I appreciate you!

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