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August 2021 Energy Intel Report: Strength

August will be the landing pad of a very powerful energy gateway. This energy has a very specific purpose, and it is stirring the energies deep within our genetics. Lifetimes of outdated patterns, programs, and ancestral wounds are demanding our attention. Before you can embody this powerful light, you must clean up shop and clear away old patterns and beliefs still bleeding into our lives. The Lion is the Symbol of strength, so you can assume there will be some powerful lessons at play here.

Emotional Detox-

August is going to be a great month for letting go, releasing and clearing out the old... but we must do it consciously/willingly.

One of the most important things to remember as you navigate through these growing spiritual (healing) energies, is that we are being reborn at warp speed, over and over again. These healings are cyclical in nature, and thus it can feel like a forward/backward dance. I assure you, you are not slipping backward… you are just getting deeper and deeper.

Disorientation and emotional reactivity can come from completely out of nowhere during this. Understand we were taught to be “unfeeling” and we are undoing that, and the process of feeling all that has been pent up for years, (actually lifetimes) can be insanely overwhelming at times. Please tend to your own self care…. whatever that looks like for you. There will be peaceful days in here, so please know that!

Division Energies:

There are majorly distorted energies running amuck right now, and we must be aware of them. The light is growing here, and the bullshit will become more and more glaring to the aware/awake. There will be all sorts of ways the "ickies" will try and create more and more division. Hold yourself in your heart and do not fall into the polarity trap! To do so will lead to chaos and suffering within you. If you are feeling stirred up within the chaos, ask yourself what it’s really about. Hint: it’s about what’s within you, not about “them”.

The intensity we may be feeling serves a great purpose to the planet and to Humanity as we each are partaking in the Healing of All Time. We are not only helping humanity of today, but all ancestors as well.

Food for thought: emotions are rooted in the PAST… sensations are present moment. So, if you label an emotion, track in backwards in time by paying attention to what you are feeling within your body (sensation) and seeing how far back it goes and where it originated. This can do wonders for self-love and understanding!

Can You Hear Me?

It’s deeply frustrating when you are hurting and feel you are walking through life unnoticed and unheard. Please do not take this to mean you do not matter!!! All people are feeling deeply, and when you are stuck in your own crap, it is incredibly difficult to see outside of that for some people. Communicating about things, not getting ticked off, can go a long way here. Have compassion that while you are struggling, so are others and simply understanding this helps. It can make us feel we are being taken advantage of when the relationship scales seem unbalanced, however, just talk about it. What is in your best and highest good will play out, and you have to know that. However, you still have to do your part… so speak up.


The higher the light, the more the shadows get illuminated. So, one of the things surfacing within many is fear. Understand there are only 2 emotions… love and fear. All other emotions are branches or derivatives of these 2 emotions.

August is the month of the Lion, the symbol of strength and power.

Emotional healing is a dirty job. The process of feeling, cleansing and purging is a bit much at times. One thing you may not realize is this healing is not optional. It will find you and kick you in the teeth… and your best bet is to do the work willingly and regularly.

Fear is a nasty beast. How do you respond to it? Do you treat it like the enemy? If you do, you’re setting yourself up for big trouble. Seek to understand it, and lovingly parent it with FACTS (not opinions) to help it ease its grip. Fear will disconnect you from yourself and Source. It disconnects you from your intuition. This then spins you into more emotional discomfort and reactivity. If you are triggered, then seek to understand that part of yourself instead of blaming or shaming others. We must be very aware of ourselves because emotional reactivity is highly contagious, and it isn’t going to change any time soon.

Fear is real and has many root causes. But understand fear is related to some sort of pain or suffering that may threaten a sense of safety. If you can understand that, it makes it easier to not treat it like the enemy and allows you to befriend it instead.

if you want a different future, think about how you could create that in your personal life for yourself. What do you dream of but are too afraid to act upon? Is your ego playing games with you (post on that coming very soon) and telling you that you can’t or it’s not the right time? Hate to break it to you, but there is never a “right time” … and tomorrow may never come.

August can actually be a really supportive month for conscious release. Sit down and write a list of what needs to go… this includes people, energy, patterns and behaviors. Ask yourself WHY you are ready to let go of it.

These healings and upgrades are never easy. However, once we understand our inner world is what creates our outer world, we understand the need and importance of digging in and getting dirty. We have to dissolve the density in order to make room for divine love and light in our lives and bodies. We want to create from a purer more authentic pallet. When we are pure within ourselves, manifestation of higher outcomes and abundance follow.

See and understand that release is strength and power. To release the need to control is strength and power. August will teach us what true strength is. It will show is we can find strength and power in gentleness, kindness, understanding and compassion.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium


The Psychology of Tarot Part 2: Understanding the Minor Arcana


Thursday AUG 19th at

7pm Eastern

6pm Central

5pm Mountain

4pm Pacific

Email me at to register for this class and include the email you would like content sent to!

Can't make it? No problem at all as all materials and class recording will be sent to you to download and learn at your own leisure!

The August Healing guide is now online and you can grab it at Aug 2021 Soul Psychology Healing Guide | rebeccacostello

** If you are interested in doing an August discussion and energy update via Zoom, please email me at and we will try to find a date and time!

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