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Energy Intel: Summer Solstice and Super-Full Moon In Capricorn

Energy Intel: Summer Solstice and Super-Full Moon in Capricorn

2021’s Turning Point

On Sunday the 21st we will welcome summer with the Summer Solstice, also called Litha.

On Thursday the 24th we have a full moon in Capricorn, the last “supermoon” of 2021. Supermoons amplify, making things more intense. Think, full moon, full realization. It’s there to show you something, so pay attention, so you don’t get whacked by a 2x4.

It is also a time where we begin incorporating the energies of the South on the medicine wheel. The element of the South is fire, if that clues you in to what we will be experiencing over the coming months. If not respected, destruction results. If the work is done appropriately, transformation is the result.

The South energies are strong and swift. Faith, Trust and Humility are aspects of the lessons of the South. Interactions with others help us to learn these things. Relationships and bonds shift and change during this time of year. Everything amplifies now.

When stuff pops up, it’s common to feel like you are going nowhere, or even taking a few steps backward. Part of this is because 4 planets are in retrograde. This slows us down and shoves us back into ourselves. Hard. Please do not see this as a failure of not learning a lesson. Its merely a way of looking deeper, closer to the root of matters.

“Push-pull” may be the overall sensation internally as the unconscious breaks free to find the light. It can create energies of “crisis” when there is a big leap about to occur. This is likely related to Saturn who wants to restrict and control, bumping up against Uranus, who wants freedom and expansion.

When the lesson is learned, we feel at home within ourselves and within the world around us.

Humanity is waking up… huge.

Soul contracts are being initiated… or ended now, so expect to see big changes in your lives.

The “Feelies”-

There is a heaviness in the air at times with this energy. There always is when big changes need to occur. There is a grieving that takes place when change comes. Look into this, don’t busy yourselves to avoid it. It’s showing you your keys to liberation.

Over the last week or so, the Schumann Resonance has been so high it was blacked out for 5 days.

Please know this means "Global Reset".

The reset will be very individual, yet the governing theme is expanding collective awareness and aligning with Soul.

A super-full moon in Capricorn will push us to wrap crap up. Like, dunzo… for good. It will influence tenacity and toughness for the challenges that may lie ahead… and tenderness when needed.

Our biggest lessons of our lifetime may have began presenting themselves since this last eclipse almost 2 weeks ago. The Soul will show you the way to go... by making you see the truth of matters and put things in their rightful places.

Choices will have to be made.

Boundaries put in place.

It’s your wholeness on the line.

We are being asked to step up.

With Love and Light,

For all my Relations,

Rebecca Costello, psychic medium

Dancing Elk

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