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Energy Update for May 21st, 2021: Buckle Up Buttercups

I can bet many of you are at wits end right about now. You're not alone, and there are reasons for this, cosmically speaking.

I know this is a longer post, but there is so much going on, I thought I would share some of it with you.

We are in for a huge transitional ride… these upgrades are consistent, persistent and drastic…. Let’s not forget, uncomfortable.

Think roller coaster ride, minus the safety harness.

We have no option other than to ride it out… scared or not, we are already seated and the ride is underway.

The way we are experiencing these energies/shifts is different for each of us, but what I am finding with people, is that you may be at one end of the spectrum, or the other.

For some, these energies are easy. There are moments of heart expansion that feel good.

For others, you may be struggling (a large majority).

It can feel as if your world is crumbling. Hope and joy may seem to elude you. The transformation we are undergoing is powerful and swift. Each day offers a new perspective…. on past issues we would rather not look at.

The winds of change have been blowing for quite some time, yet perhaps these winds seem stronger now. So strong in fact, it has been carrying with it tornadoes, and thunder/rain storms. These are all symbols of great change orchestrated from “above”.

Do you know what transfiguration is?

It’s a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state of being.

It is literally the changing of structure, the re-wiring of our cosmic energy fields (macrocosm) all the way to the rewiring of our own thoughts and beliefs (microcosm).

Transfiguration changes structure and operating systems. It changes how we see things, interact with things and live our lives here. Not just mentally, but emotionally, spiritually and probably the most apparent, physically.

Exhaustion seems to be the biggest culprit as does a sense of feeling down.

When the shift is deep, you may feel like you are crawling in your skin… skin rashes, itchies, anyone (ugh)?

May’s energies were all about fire and purification… cleansing the old from our being… not a comforting process in the least. The energies of others are expanding so fast we are each effecting the energy fields of people we don’t even know!! We are causing shifts in each other and we don’t even know it. Sneaky humans, aren’t we?

This can create a significant agitation within you when there is so much energy bouncing off of your own energy fields. Control issues (feeling controlled or trying to control others) is a big theme this last week or so (and I fell on my ass hard with this one and learned the hard way!!). Please take it from me… do not try to control things or others… it will bite you in the arse.

The name of the game is to let go. Relinquish control. It’s an illusion. You never had it anyway! Control is rooted in fear.

Instead, ask yourself where your faith is regarding the bigger plan. Ask yourself what it is you fear. Focusing on control and fear puts you in your head, and we all know what a damn mess that can be. It makes you paranoid!!!

Even if it seems like it, the world is not out to get you… only teach you.

Allow yourselves to rest (because sleep seems difficult for so many right now) and throw out your “to-do” lists. There will be time for that later. Now is the time for patience. Now is the time to wait and recover.

Listen and observe, rather than do.

Dark Night of the Soul-

Personal Responsibility and Acceptance are needed.

On May 23rd, Saturn, the planet of karma, hard work and discipline, goes retrograde. What does this mean? You will get to be up front and personal with aspects of self you may not wish to see.


It is vital to get to know and accept your shadow self. In order to fully know and actualize who we came here to be, we must understand the concept of shadow self. It is often that part of ourselves that we cast aside. And that is a travesty! These pieces are important for our wholeness and freedom. If we do not love that part of ourselves, we enslave ourselves. Can you see this? So, between now and October 10th, expect those shadow aspects of self to make themselves known… but be warned, that not acknowledging them can be dangerous. Better to do the work now and understand them, or they will stir up a lot of drama for you.

Fighting them won’t help your cause. Accepting and integrating them is how you will come ahead here.

We can do this by taking responsibility for our lives and doing the necessary healing to balance it out.

The only way to balance any karmic debt is to simply recognize the wound that we may have possibly inflicted in others, and in ourselves, taking full responsibility for our actions and balancing them with unconditional love and compassion, for all involved. No punishment is allowed! Revenge does not exist within the spectrum of Light. The mastery is in learning how to love what is wounded or broken... inside of others as well as inside of ourselves.

Now is the time to commit to walking a higher path. This means embracing all aspects and the duality life offers. Separation doesn’t exist… but judgement sure does!

Saturn teaches us responsibility for our creations, actions and every single thing we send out to the Universe. It teaches us that every action has a consequence, which is dependent on the intention we hold. It behooves us to really dig deep about why we are doing and feeling what we are. We must be real with ourselves regarding our true motivations… or have many band aids handy for our buttocks.

Full Moon with Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26th, 2021-

Reacting/Responding, Power/Force

While I will be doing a report in the next few days regarding this subject, just know this is the beginning of a powerful eclipse period. Eclipses bring heat and intensity to change.

Explore what is standing in your way (it may be you standing in your way).

This cycle will have a strong effect on our 2nd and 3rd chakra area. The chakra of emotion and the chakra of will.

We will get familiar with understanding the difference between reacting and responding, and power vs. force.

Duality will be the theme here so that we can learn to find balance and slow the swing of the pendulum.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

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