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Finding Compassion Amongst the Darkness

If you are deeply in tune with the energetic happenings of the cosmos, I bet you are feeling rather funky right now.

Emotional… moody.

Bi-polar even.

Feeling upbeat and blissy one moment, followed by anger, sorrow, judgement and insecurity the next.

Energy galore followed by feeling profoundly run down.

Welcome to the energies of May.

If you follow my monthly energy reports, you may remember that May would bring a lot of energy.

Fire to purify us (soul purging).

The breath to restore us (the element of air to shift our mindsets).

We need to breathe deeply now.

Meditate to quell the fires.

We need to get our hind ends outside in nature.

On the water or in the woods.

Nature and breathing are our saving graces right now.

This is how we will restore and re-birth ourselves.

We are being forcefully pushed into the recesses of our shadows.

Unfortunately for most cultures, we are not taught to embrace this.

Heck, society doesn’t even support it fully.

It talks a good game, but it’s all bullshit really.

What I would like for you to ponder is how you are handling the difficult sensations surfacing for you right now.

Are you running from what lurks in the shadow?

Are you trying to stuff it back into the recesses from which it came?

Are you trying to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist?

Are you fighting it like it’s the enemy?

Well, knock it the hell off!

We think the shadow is separate from the light.

We think it is opposite of the light, and this right here is what is causing us suffering.

We perceive it is not divine.

We perceive it is something to be controlled, reigned in, changed.

This only feeds it negativity.

How does it feel when you are being tossed into the fire?

Now here we are, doing this shit to ourselves.

To stop the suffering we MUST understand and accept the shadow, not try to kill it off.

It is there for a reason and deserves our attention, whether we like it or not.

What happens when you ignore a child or do not feed it properly?

The situation isn't a good one... yet this is equivocally what we are doing to ourselves.

We need to accept the shadow aspects as a part of ourselves.

We do not need to ask them to change or to be anything different.

We do not need to ask the shadow to become "better".

To do this is to negate its teachings and further cast judgement.

We must understand what it is trying to show us.

We must love what we cannot stand about ourselves and ask it why it is doing what it is.

We must understand that it too, is of the highest Light, and needs love to heal.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

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