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Full Super-Moon in Capricorn: Wiser and Better

A Super-Moon means that the moon is closer to Earth than normal, and thus, the impact upon us intensifies.

Full moons have a tendency to trigger one to be more emotional, revealing to us what we tend to hide or run from internally.

This one falls into the sign of Capricorn, the sea-goat.

Capricorn (the Sea-Goat) is known for its ability to descend into the great depths of water and climb the most dangerous peaks of mountains. So, during this full moon cycle, we will be building our skillsets and we may lose our balance a few times. This can trigger fear… mostly the fear of feeling.

This full super-moon in Capricorn will force us to leave behind more layers of our old self.

Events that take place during this time will help us create a new direction, wrap up old chapters and begin new ones.

These are healing frequencies we rarely have here, triggering the necessary transformation for us to be able to leave behind an old self and create a new one. Many of you are already feeling this.

Capricorn tends to be very grounded and it’s focused on what it desires to build. However, with all the surrounding energies, it is going to be an emotional phase. As we work with our mental and emotional bodies, we find old wounds that are resurfacing and that need to be addressed, and understood to finally heal. It is vital to be present with this, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Spiritual warriors are the ones who stand in the face of discomfort and fear... to overcome it, you must understand it.

This can be incredibly intense at times. And for those who are just beginning on this path, or experiencing major challenges (opportunities for personal growth), these energies can be so intense they lose faith and trust in their path. They key is to focus on the moment at hand… not fearing what lies ahead that you cannot see or control. To correct anything, you must be in the present moment and there is no way around that.

Find Acceptance In Where You Are:

This Full Moon may bring the realization of some things that need to come to an end, particularly around goals, or things that are blocking our goals

There is a little bit of disheartened energy attached to this Full Moon, like a reality check or wake-up call that makes us realize that we can’t go on the way we have been. We may need to accept that some things are never going to be the way we wanted, or we may need to accept that unless we change, things are not going to get better. That’s a lot to handle, but personal responsibility is a part of creating our realities. Without personal responsibility, we will perpetually be the ones who play the victim to life, willingly (yes, willingly) giving our power away.

The Sea-Goat teaches us to honor all that we are.

Appreciate different perspectives and know there is more than one truth.

Focus your time and energy on what we truly want out of life instead of what is lacking.

What We Can Do for Ourselves:

Take responsibility for our lives and the direction we are traveling.

If you are unhappy or unfulfilled, take charge and own up to your self-sabotaging ways that led you here.

If you find yourself needing to have a difficult conversation, or lacking the confidence to share what you really feel, grab that fear by the throat and have that conversation and communicate what you feel anyway. It may help to write things down first to organize your thoughts or words.

Choose the words you speak with deliberate intention. The words we speak carry a lot of weight, so be sure to watch how you are communicating with yourself and others. Make your inner self-talk honest but something that makes you feel good too.

The Capricorn Full Super-Moon definitely is a heavy one, but there are so many gifts hidden within it.

Although it may be uncomfortable intense at times, there will be equal moments of joy. This is our opportunity to re-write our lives, to reset our dreams, and to know that everything we experience here is a part of a divine plan. There are truly no wrong paths in life, just lessons to make us stronger, wiser, and better humans.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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