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Hard Wisdom

I feel like I have been in a washing machine with big rocks lately.

Many of you have spoken of feeling the same.

We can blame the cosmic energies for this.

They have an agenda… to clean our asses up and move us along into higher levels.

No more lollygagging. They are kicking it into high gear (more coming on this tomorrow in July's energy update).

So, on this, Spirit wishes to share some wisdom with us. Bluntly, I may add.

If you are resistant to evaluate yourself and your behaviors, you are no different mentally than a child.

If criticism bothers you, your insecurities are the reason why.

Without growth, there is only death.

Resistance to change and growth is to choose to live in fear.

You are not broken, and thus, you do not need fixing.

You are not helpless in this world, and thus, you do not need rescuing.

You are never powerless, because you always have the power of choice… of thought, action and living.

You are not lost, you are merely looking for yourself somewhere out in the world, instead of discovering your Self within.

Opinion is not knowledge, and thus, it is stupidity (this one actually made me laugh out loud!).

Anger isn’t about what someone “did” to you, it is because you don’t want to put the boundary in place.

To hold wisdom and compassion for another is to be able to love unconditionally.

Loving someone doesn’t mean letting them walk all over you or treat you poorly.

Boundaries do not mean you are no longer loved.

To love oneself is to strive for their best and highest self and life.

To love oneself is to be curious about their own faults and how they got there.

To love oneself is to observe energy and choose accordingly based on how you feel, not what you think.

To love oneself is to honor their heart and consider their mind.

To love oneself is to see God in their own being.

Empathy is a spiritual gift shared with others, where Ego is dissolved, and the heart is extended.

The words you speak and the thoughts you think are energetic currency… so what are you investing in?

If your world is your creation, would you hire or fire yourself?

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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