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Perhaps you are wondering if you are a healer.

Healing is not a “personal” thing. We cannot say we “heal” others. Meaning, we are conduits for higher energies. Healers are those who funnel light and love from the ethers into the spaces and hearts of our human reality. Healers are those who hold space for another to recognize what lies within themselves and to find refuge to allow a shift to occur.

Right now, humanity as a whole is moving through a particularly challenging period. The energies coming in are strong and this is triggering emotional responses many do not understand. Collective sorrow being one of them, and what appears to be happening in the world at large at the moment is adding to the frequency of purging that grief. Those of you here to help with the rising of the light, of humanity and the planet, are likely feeling this with increased intensity. Some are feeling is physically, other feeling mentally/emotionally. There is a clearing taking place for the lightworkers, the listeners and the facilitators of healing so we can be prepared and balanced as a mass of souls is undergoing a massive (disruptive) shift spiritually, and they will be needing guidance.

For those of you in the healing fields as energy worker, therapists, or simply the one others turn to when they need to talk, I am urging you to observe yourselves right now. Are you feeling drained or pulled in a million different directions? Does everyone seem to need something from you right now? Make sure your energy is managed first! If you are on empty, you have nothing to give others. If you try, it is your wellbeing that will be affected.

Protect your time and energy. That doesn't mean walking away from people who actually need support and love, but that you must first observe yourself to heal you so you can give others without feeling drained.

When you take care of yourself and restore your energy, you can give without getting depleted.

It is imperative that the healers here find a perfect balance in giving and receiving.

You will know what is needed from you in this very moment. There is a surge of energy pushing into all of us. There’s an emergence of Light coming from deep within each of us who are ready to expand and share their light on a grander scale.

Do not forget that you CHOSE to be here in this time of great change.

Although it may not appear like it, unity and love are stronger than ever. Trust that nothing is as it seems out there and that there is a Divine plan in place.

Faith, the belief in that which you cannot see or know, is what we must depend on now.

A faith in ourselves and in our hearts.

The old is leaving and the new is continuing to build its foundation.

Fear is rising to be extinguished.

Love continues to blossom and more and more people are shifting their awareness to see this.

The healers are holding, shifting and making space for the masses to grow in their own light, and understand, it is an exhausting job and you must take care of you!

Inevitably there'll be a point in the healer’s life, where you'll need to pull-back. Healers are drawn to helping others and are prone to “over-helping”. This causes drain on the healer and can keep the ones being helped from fully stepping into their own power.

Observe the energies of others and determine if one is willing to be a responsible partner in their own healing, or if they are wanting you to be a dumping ground or to do the work for them. God/Source/Creator helps those who are willing to help themselves, so be very aware of where you are giving of yourselves.

Everyone grows at their own rate, and it isn’t for us to decide when someone should shift. The Soul will shift when it's ready. As healers, you will know a soul is ready because you will feel they are wanting to learn to understand themselves and grow closer to Source and love themselves more.

One of the greatest lessons that you'll ever learn as a healer is that you can only assist those that want to be assisted, but not “fixed”. Healers consistently work on their own stuff so they are ready for those ones who follow.

Take the step to nurture yourselves so you can nurture others.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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