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Internal Pressures

There is so much is shifting around us right now. So much, even I have a hard time fathoming it all. Things are shifting and moving so fast, yet what I feel taking place within my heart is gentle and loving.... with a bit of restlessness and anxiety tossed in just for excitement.

Some may feel it as pressure building within yet cannot understand what this is about.

Others are feeling it as extreme restlessness and anxiety, as if they are gonna crawl out of their skinsuits.

I would like to help you understand.

What is happening is that you are actually bumping up against an energy field of higher vibration, much like the resistance that we encounter before being born. It is equivalent to being pushed through a compressive, fine mesh strainer of sorts. Only certain aspects of energy, thoughts and beliefs are allowed to enter. This is good news!! It means you are upgrading, or “leveling up” spiritually.

Perhaps you have heard of dimensions… 3D, 4D. 5D etc… this is what we are talking about. We are moving from 4D to 5D... the dimension of Divinity.

This pressure is regarding moving through and into another dimension that results in a higher vibrational presence, a completely different outlook on life, one where we are willing to look at ourselves and turn ourselves into better versions of ourselves, actually being beacons of light to others. The more we embody the depth of our Soul into the physical vessel, the brighter and more impactful we become on the masses, just simply with our presence.

Oh... did you not think you make a difference in this world? Slap yourself please!

Wake up. I assure you that you do.

With everything so fluid, we're much more able to expand consciousness and awareness. We can unravel old constructs with greater ease now. We can also call upon the Quantum Light of our Multidimensional Self (the fractals of you that exist in all levels and layers of the Universe) and command them to Unify. Did you know you can control your energies? Oh yes… all you have to do is command it to be so. This is how we heal ourselves.

What can we do to make this transition smoother for us?

Below is a list….

1. regardless of what you are doing here, accept and acknowledge that there is a place in the world for it and that you are contributing to a greater whole. The Soul never needs to be noticed by others to know it is making a difference simply shining its light. Do not deny that you are making a difference, regardless of the role you play. I promise you, you have very little knowledge about the grand picture and the difference you are making in it.

2. This is a time when we receive what I call “downloads” from the Ethers. Our bodies are literally computers of sorts, and the Universe is nothing but light packets of data that we can energetically align with and download. When this happens we notice changes in the way we relate to and interact with the world. We notice changes within us. It can clue us into what avenues are aligning with us, by increasing or changing what we are drawn to. Watch for those changes and give attention to them.

3. Are you noticing little messages or “God winks”? Notice where the energy is being directed. Are you feeling repelled by certain things or drawn to others? Follow that as you are in the flow then. If you cannot seem to figure it out or decide on something, ask for clarification , then pause and observe. We will not feel a sense of pressure if we are not in fear mode, and we simply collect the data. When we have what we need, we will then “know” within what is needed.

4. Here’s something you should be practicing now… while in conversation with others, pay attention to what you are doing. Are you authentically listening or are you hearing with the intent to say something back or to give advice or your two thoughts? This then takes you out of the flow of energy and disconnects you from energetic vibrations and spiritual information. There is sometimes a different meaning behind the words people speak, and it behooves us now to be able to intellectually connect and intuitively connect to read between the lines.

5. Practice energy expansion yet understanding how to read energy. When you expand or envision your energy moving outwards, do you encounter resistance in another? Also, pay attention as not to infuse your energy into the energy fields of another. What I mean is not to lose yourself in someone else’s energy, experiences or dramas. Don’t feel “so much” into them that you cannot separate and discern what is yours from what is another’s.

6. You will feel things slipping away in some areas and/or intensifying in others. Notice it and watch the fear patterns, because fear is the number one thing to be aware of right now. What we do with fear is imperative right now. We will be called upon to have faith unlike ever before. Faith is the belief in that which you cannot see or know with concrete fact. We will be called upon to evaluate our faith/fear connections with ourselves, our bodies, with others, with the Universe or World at large. If you look around, you can see it and feel it already. This is a very personal experience, but it also a collective (mass consciousness/humanity) experience as well. Feel, then assess if the brain and heart are in alignment. Then step forth firm in your faith. Where there is fear, we must turn around and really look at it, break it down. Knee-jerk reactions are not a good thing right now.

7. Observe what is happening in the Earth, but do not make chaos of the external YOUR reality. Just because it looks like a shit-show out there doesn’t mean that has to be your reality. I remind you, that WE create our reality. Just because others are hurting, doesn’t mean you have to. If others jump off cliffs, are you gonna follow them? Check yourself and pay attention to your heart and check in with your feelings within your heart. You can be connected and feel at peace even when things look like a shit-show out there. If you feel guilty for doing that, then, my dearest, you need some healing!!

I hope this helps you embrace this change that is upon us.

We are encountering a full moon tomorrow, which will also help illuminate those fragments within us that keep us stuck in a limited existence. Watch the stories you are telling yourself and others right now. Those stories can serve to become your prison bars… or your liberation.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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