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July 2021 Energy Intel: The Birth Canal


lets just start out by saying July energetically, will feel better than the shit show that was June!


It will be filled with moments of wonder and joy.

It will feel soothing compared to the sharp rocks we have been thrown against over the last few months.

It gives us an opportunity to recuperate and rest for the next wave of transformation that will enter in August with the Lions Gate on Aug 8th.

Here are a few things to ponder regarding July:



Power plays.


There will be duality this month… intensity can be very pleasant, or very uncomfortable. How it shows itself tells you where you are on your journey.

We are in the birth canal at the moment, and June began the contractions that moved us here.

From this place, there is a tunnel of light, yet we are surrounded by the muffled sounds and darkness of the unknown. The birthing process is never easy, but there is excitement in awaiting what will arrive.

We prepare.

We dream.

We get excited.

We get nervous.

We get sad because we know we cannot go back.

All these things happen when we know or can feel life is about to change.

June brought a lot of revelation, did it not?

Stop to look at what you realized about yourself and your life. What changes were made because of this? When change is on the horizon, there is a period of grieving that comes from what we once knew that is going to be leaving. But within the grief, there is also joy too.

The word “suffering” has popped up many times in my channeling sessions.

Many are not digging what they are feeling right now. Understand that the sadness many of you feel will lift some this month as you learn to understand that to live is to feel, and we have been coerced into numbness and nonacceptance of emotion. This has held humanity at a place of living superficially.

To feel (and allowing yourself to feel) is a willingness to allow the pain, individual and collective, to heal through you and by you. There was a wise young woman who was in a lot of pain once who said something so profound… “It hurts so bad, but at least I know I am alive”. Those words comfort me when I feel sorrow… because I know I am alive. If I am alive, I can then know what to heal, because my discomfort shows me the way.

If you are struggling, this is an indication that you are working with the old ways, and an elevated mindset is needed.

Let the mind be the servant of the heart… not the other way around.

Just as a tip, the evolved heart knows love and the mind serves to help it show that love in the world.

Sorrow is a reflection of feeling love, and it not having anywhere to go. So, share that love with yourself first, then share with others.

Take time and play this month and really enjoy life.

The work begins again with the arrival of August.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium


ZOOM Discussion- July 2021 Soul Psychology Healing Guide

Thursday July 8th 2021

7:30pm Eastern

6:30pm Central

5:30pm Mountain

4:30pm Pacific

To register, click here (please note all materials/recordings will be sent to the email you pay with!!)

**If you can’t make it, no problem!

All materials and post-discussion recording will be sent to you!

ZOOM Class- Psychology of Tarot Part 1: The Major Arcana

Saturday July 24th

11am Eastern

10am Central

9am Mountain

8am Pacific


This class is the first part of a 3 part series designed to help you understand the psychology behind the different steps of the journey we must all take in our lives and how to read the story they tell.

Tarot cards help us connect to our Spiritual Self or Higher wisdom, to give us clarity in our day to day lives. People turn to the Tarot due to its richness in imagery and to help us to see and understand what our human self finds confusing.

The Tarot acts as our wise advisor or mouthpiece of the Higher Self to share information and messages about the steps we take in our journey of life.

In this class we will discuss the meaning of each card of the Major Arcana and how they can help you to develop a deeper connection to your soul self!

Part 1: The Major Arcana

Part 2: The Minor Arcana

Part 3: Putting It All Together- Reading the Cards

To register, click here (please note all materials/recordings will be sent to the email you pay with!!)

**If you can’t make it, no problem!

All materials and post-discussion recording will be sent to you!

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