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June 2021 Energy Intel Report


Expressing and Experiencing

May was one of the most topsy-turvy months I can recall. #Uncomfortable!

May wrapped itself up with a potent full moon eclipse that kicks of a cycle of evolution. This particular full moon and eclipse hammered us to let go of things we no longer need, or to rid ourselves of outdated beliefs. In order to do this, sometimes the stuff has to be thrown all up in our faces.

June strolls in rather gently, thankfully. If we did the work we had the opportunity to do in May, you may feel some release now. If that’s not the case, that’s ok too. Growth is inevitable now and the work will get done regardless.

We are in a powerful period of time where there has been more cosmic/solar/Schumann activity than I may have ever seen (for more info on how this effects us, please find my class section on my website). May brought forth numerous light activations, leaving many tired and achy… and even a bit cranky. This was to prep us for the energies of June which will bring lots of opportunities for discovery and change. Please ponder for a moment what you learned about yourself, or the changes you set into motion!

June will continue to help us to further align and fine tune our lives. Not happy with that job? The energy is ripe for you to step towards what you dream of.

Not happy with that relationship? The energy here will make it easier to do what you need to do… but I remind you, it’s what the soul wants, not the human mind.

Also with June, we will need to do some contemplation. These energies will enhance what I call “duality” or the opposing points of view life has to offer. For example, if you have a conflicting belief within, that will be magnified so that you can look at it and sort it out.

In life, we either flow with things or we resist things. It is within the resistance we should look. Where there is resistance, there is fear… and a giving away of your own power.

At times, you may feel spiritual beings around you or see flashes of white light. I believe these are Light beings (possibly from Lyra) that are here to help us evolve and heal. They are here to help prepare us for the Aug 8th (8/8) gateway that often ushers in significant amount of Divine Light. What they wish for us to know is how we are responsible for our creations here.

We like to think there is a Great Orchestrator above who wheels and deals out life events, however, this is untrue. WE create our realities as we are the orchestrators of our lives. We must understand how we are One with Source and how we are simply a physicalized, fleshy expression of that Source. Many have forgotten this. These Beings of Light are here to help us remember this so that we can reclaim our rightful power and sovereignty. We are at the mercy of no one. It is fear that creates the problems here.

A part of this phase of evolution centers around personal responsibility as Creator Beings here. With this, we must ask ourselves certain questions this month. Are you happy with your life? If not, why would you have created this situation? What is there for you to learn about yourself here? If this gets under your skin, good… because we all must do this in order to grow. Again, understand that your resistance is indicating you have fear around it. Now is the time to look at what your afraid of. Did you know facing your fear takes the power out of it? This is how we heal.

As we ask ourselves questions and willing seek the truth, clarity comes, as does peace. Peace is always within you; however, we often have to unearth it because its been buried by the tribulations of life.

As the next eclipse arrive with the new moon on June 10th, we will begin the cycle of planting new seeds. As June proceeds, you may begin to notice more and more things seem to separate or divide. Do not become distraught about this, as it is needed right now.

Masters understand that we must walk the middle path, or fall pray to the pitfalls of falling into the blindness of either polarity. We must stand on the fencepost in order to gain highest awareness or perspective, for it is from the fencepost we can see all sides… yet, it requires great skill to stay on this fencepost consistently.

One thing the Beings of Light would like for us to know is that these polarizations should not be judged because it is simply collections or pockets of humans with similar energy frequencies… and collective energies band together naturally.

We are all ascending here.

Some flow and grow through it.

Others resist and judge.

Judgement is resistance, resistance is fear. Both can be conquered by seeking information and understanding. Growth promotes understanding and non-judgement.

The Light Beings state the following…

“Source Consciousness is to understand there is no right or wrong, that is a human concoction”.

“Source Consciousness does not punish”.

“Source Consciousness does not judge”.

What we see playing out in the world is merely choices of expression and experience. June will give us a plethora of choices.

What will you choose to express or experience this month?

With Love,

Becky Costello

Psychic Medium



2021 Soul Psychology-

A Guide for Harnessing the Energy of The Month to Maximize Healing and Growth

2021 is set to be a very unpredictable year with major change and transition at the forefront. With so much change on the horizon, it can leave us feeling emotional, overwhelmed and lost.

This monthly guide is a companion to be used to help you understand what the energetic current is, and what the healing theme will be for that month. Each month will have it's own lessons, and knowing what the theme is regarding those lessons puts us in the drivers seat vs being at the mercy of what ever "happens to us". This allows us to harness the power within the frequencies to heal and grow with grace and ease and helps to dispel some of the fear.

The healing process can be confusing to some, and this is intended to make healing more clear and also puts it in the palm of your hands for the sake of being in control of your own healing and having the tools you need to do so.

To get your guide, please copy and paste this link:

** I have not scheduled a Zoom discussion for June. If this is something you would like, please email me at and we will see what we can arrange for a class!

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