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June 2022 Energy Intel: The Path to Harmony and Restoration

This month’s energy is about restoring balance and bringing harmony to the areas of ourselves and our Universe where there is duality. It is time for rejuvenation after getting energetically ‘beat up” by the waves of energy that have arrived over the last few months.

We begin June with the energies from the New Moon in Gemini from a few days ago. Gemini represents the energies of duality/opposites, and a new moon represents new beginnings.

Translation: Opportunities to create a new life for ourselves!!

Assess if you have conflicting beliefs.

Asses if there are areas where you judge yourself, but you wouldn’t judge another for the same thing.

Assess if the reverse is true? Are there areas where you are a hypocrite?

Assess if you pretend to be one thing, but internally you are not.

Assess where you are, and where you want to be.

Assess what “limitations” you perceive you have.

Assess where there is fear and what you need to give more love to.

This about seeking the duality inside and making peace with it. Understanding it and dragging that crap out into the light and setting it on fire.

This is an opportunity to reconfigure your reality so that life is more harmonious and peaceful. To get here, we need to start by looking at our duality within. In reconnecting with these opposing energies, we are able to step into our true essence and truly feel joy by seeing what resonates and becoming aware of what doesn’t.

Assessing if the beliefs you hold are yours or are no longer serving you… and replacing them with ones that do.

June tends to be a month of hope, fun and excitement. It is also a month we should get big bursts of “freedom” energy if we know how to surf the energetic waves. If we can do this, we can reside in a more peaceful state of being every day. However, resistance becomes undertow, and well, you know how that will end.

June is a month of balance, restoration and stabilization after the intensity of the last several months.

For those who are ready and willing to align, there is a life waiting for you where the pillars of profound love, compassion, and peace are the building blocks of your new reality. When we emanate these frequencies from within, it materializes into a vibrational match in your reality.

We must understand that the creation of our lives begins inside of us. If something outside of you feels “off”, it is because something internal is trying to get your attention.

When we integrate polarities within ourselves, reality turns into a deep, sacred union with all of life. This is the expression of our soul in the physical in constructive and stable ways. It is from here we begin to see our divine (authentic) self.

Rising Divine Feminine Energy:

Male or female in your human form, it does not matter… we all carry divine feminine and divine masculine energies.

Understand the divine feminine energy is one that creates and expands from within. It has no fear, and it does not allow “lack mentality” or fear to stop the flow of creativity or connection. It has no place for illusions. It is the essence of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance. These qualities must be applied towards yourself. It is from the divine feminine that the spark of light and life exists, and it is with the divine masculine it comes into fruition.

It if from the partnership of the divine masculine and divine feminine that the highest manifestations occur.

Just like a child grows in the womb, we must cultivate this integration of opposites within us first, in order for it to be born into the world.

June says it’s time to nourish ourselves before we can bring this same nurturance and care to others.

June will push us deep into our hearts.

Your new life is birthed from here.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing


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