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We live in a fast-paced culture. We are focused more on doing rather than being. I cannot tell you how many people I see focused on producing things in their life.

Working to acquire more.

More money.

More this… more that.

Bigger this… bigger that.

We live in a world of excess.

I wonder if people have stopped to ask themselves why they are doing it.

We work jobs that we hate. We have relationships with people we do not want to or who do not value us. We place our actions more upon what may please others just so we can avoid confrontation. Our actions are dictated by what we feel others may think of us.

We have lost our courage. We have lost our ability to dream and to take chances. So many have forgotten the essence of hope and faith.

How about we try something new today. Can you look around you and simply stop what you are doing and take it all in? What I mean is to engage your senses. Thinking is not a sense… it’s an action.

If you are thinking about what needs to be done, you are not present. Thinking about what needs to be done puts you in the future, which doesn’t exist yet. Necessary… but only for brief moments of time. I am asking you to step away from this for a moment (or longer, as that is what I truly wish for you).

Do you even know what it feels like to be truly at peace? To be comfortable deep inside? To not care what others may think of you?

Have you asked yourself how you are feeling? Not labeling with an emotion… but asking what the sensations are you feel inside? What image comes to mind when you connect with your inner being? It can tell you volumes about your inner realms if you allow yourself the time and space to do so.

We have forgotten that our world is Holy… Sacred. We pass judgement upon others, ourselves and our world. We forgot how wonderous and mysterious this place can be. We take so much for granted and have destroyed things in the process of our pursuits (materialism, greed, power).

There is a tipping point of sorts happening now. You can either fall into the “I give up” energy and see nothing but negativity. Or you can pause, notice and sense… and find restoration instead. Rest-oration.

Purposeful living is oftentimes a difficult concept to grasp. Having faith, or, believing in the unknown, is risky, especially when we are so “goal focused” that we become imbalanced. It is human nature to want to live a peaceful existence, but it goes against our ego’s desire to obtain things. To create peace means we must learn to shift our focus.

You can either conform to the crap the world spews at you… like the doom and gloom of the news. Or you can stop and find the beautiful things life has to offer… like hugs, laughter, puppy videos, art or sounds of birds before dawn. What you choose to put your energy into matters, because it bleeds into the reality you create.

If you can do this, daily, you will begin to carve a different path. And this path will lead you to the peace you seek. Its funny, we think peace is to be found outside of us. But in reality, peace is ONLY found within.

With Love, Becky

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