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October 2021 Energy Intel: Roller-Coasters

I think telling everyone to buckle up sounds like a good idea.

Pluto (the clown here) is along for the ride. Pluto doesn't know how to have fun per se, but sure knows how to get shit done!

Pluto will have a mighty presence this month, as it rules the sign of Scorpio.

If you know anything about Astrology, Scorpio energy is mysterious, intense, and unpredictable. Its energies are transforming. Pluto represents subconscious forces and presides over all that is “below the surface” of our consciousness.




Facing our “darkness”

Death & rebirth



Pluto transforms, and it doesn’t care how it gets it done.

The theme I feel for this month is about being tested on our ability to stay in that space of Divine Neutrality… by getting our triggers popped. This is not a bad thing. How we handle things is where the homework is folks. It matters not what happens to us, but it's our response to it that determines the outcomes. Some will enjoy the challenge and opportunity to hone our spiritual prowess, while others, well...

Triggers = Healing Opportunities

Reacting the old way? Prepare for the 2x4.

Taking an opportunity to handle something differently or see what may lay deeper? Good… this is the avenue we must travel from here forward.

It would behoove us to pay attention to things of the past, what you are avoiding and that which is hidden from awareness (you will be shown). We will have the chance to course correct here and there may even be do-overs that allow us to escape the consequences of an ill-fated decision or choice.

October is going to reshape your individual thinking as well as the collective (perhaps you are already seeing this?)

It will reveal secrets, manipulations and where there are powerplays. Those who are manipulating will be seen for it.

There will be realizations that lead to changes in perspectives which change your direction in life. This has already been occurring, and maybe you just haven't really noticed. Don't worry, that will change, as there is nothing subtle about Pluto.

For some, this can be overwhelming like everything you connected to is gone and you are left free-floating in the abyss of "wtf".

Others will be so happy they can barely hold back the fire as they can't wait to burn it to the ground.

With these energies, one may not be so afraid of confronting the things they usually try to avoid.

Areas of misinformation, perpetuated confusion and mental clutter will be cleared, making way for clarity of mind and a deeper sense of inner knowing.

This will ultimately affect our relationships with others and with ourselves. It also opens our minds to higher perspectives that allow us to eventually let go of the anger and hurt and feel more of the peace within. But word for the wise, you cannot let go of something you do not realize is there causing you trouble… so Pluto is here to help you see it.

October will be a month of major internal shifting and work. It feels like a complete personal overhaul regarding our relationship with our own inner self. Until we do this, we will continue to manifest our wounds in our life until we find the courage to look at them and deal with them. We can either do this willingly or keep manifesting painful circumstances until we get with the program.

Pluto is the transformer and heals by dragging us to what we need to be aware of.

The first 2 weeks of the month are likely to be rather intense. The month as a whole will carry some intensity, but the first 2 weeks represent the “exam” we must pass to get to the next level… or repeat the class we just took. The thing is, this damn exam is all multiple choice…

Pay close attention to what you are feeling, thinking and what you are doing with it. I sense it will have bigger consequences than usual.

The latter half of the month will let us mellow out a bit as the veil thins and we become more connected with our inner knowing, with an expanded awareness.

This is not meant to scare you! Please know that if we have in inkling about the energies, it allows us to have better control over ourselves because then we can understand the purpose in what we are feeling or experiencing.

It keeps us from thinking we are losing our minds.

Well, maybe we need to.

With Love (and pumpkin spice!)

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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