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There is an intensity and a shifting quality to the energies coming in right now… even us experienced energy navigators are getting our asses handed to us. Fatigue, odd dreams, interrupted sleep and nausea seeming to be the highlights of these ascension symptoms the last few days.

Ascension, if you do not know, is the process of reunifying our human self with our Soul Self, or what I like to call our “God-Spark”. When this occurs, the Soul Self takes the reins, and the drunk driving human ego gets moved aside. This process is intense at times, as we push out things that do not serve us and replace them with a more authentic living Light. Ascension is a purification process. It purifies us mentally and emotionally which causes us to feel 10 years worth of crap in the timeframe of 1 week. Time is speeding up, so we are getting more energy packed into a given fractal of time. Please understand this is the reason why people are losing their damn minds… as you know, it can be overwhelming to feel all that at once and have no clue what the hell is happening. And not everyone has the understanding of what is happening or the coping skills to deal with it in the best and highest ways of all.

Then there is the physical purification taking place. By physical, I mean body and our DNA… our genetic makeup is being altered. This is an exhausting process that has all kinds of symptoms… from skin issues, to headaches, ringing ears, joint pain to down right having a hell of a time crawling out of bed. Brains can’t seem to remember diddly squat and our focus can be nil. It can have us feeling unfocused and unproductive.

Then there are spiritual implications. We can no longer lie to ourselves or others because we will be affected by the energy of doing so. As we wake up, our awareness shifts, allowing us to read between the lines to find or FEEL the truth. As we shift, our awareness of the bigger picture grows. Byproducts of this is a growing sense of compassion, detachment (see my last blog post for more info please), and really beginning to understand what it means to love unconditionally and feel what it is to not judge any longer. Also with this, is a drawing a line in the sand regarding certain people and situations. Ascension changes the way we look at, perceive and live our lives. Imagine the change that occurs because of this, when we each do this at different rates.

Relationships may crumble. What brought us a sense of purpose may no longer matter. We cannot identify who we are anymore, because we cannot identify with the labels we have placed upon ourselves. When we become that expansive, we may feel lost, because we are unfamiliar with what it means to be free and floating amongst the energies of the universe. You will notice if you try to cling or control what is taking place around you, you will find yourself drowning. Flip over and look up. Learn to float instead.


We have a powerful eclipse (June 10th!) coming in now and you may be feeling it. The eclipse at the end of May was about seeing the crap within and letting it go.

This eclipse will be all about creation. Creating Love and a life aligned with Soul Purpose and Source Awareness.

Aligning with Source Consciousness-

This is imperative right now. I even feel this is something we humans should make a special ritual around. Meditate and ask yourself the following and be brutally honest with yourself. Some of this may make you cringe. Whether you like it or not, Source does not judge or categorize. That’s a human thing, and doing the work means knowing and understanding this, and becoming this.

1) What are your beliefs around Source/God? Do you realize and honor that you are a fractal of this same Source/God, that you and God are one and the same?

*You cannot know Source/God until you know yourself and accept the fact that you are an expression of that Source love, light and knowledge. Yep… YOU and GOD are ONE IN THE SAME. (mic drop!).

2) Are you able to look at all of Earth’s creatures, regardless of what they do, and see that they too, are Divine Expressions? Are you able to bypass judgement and remain in a state of neutrality and detachment?

*This is a tricky one for all of us to master. Humans like to judge things as good or bad, right or wrong. It is this one that will likely get your undies in a bunch. Pull them out and right yourself. What is needed now is to accept ALL of it and understand it is a part of the divine plan. Understanding that another’s behavior may be rooted in a fear of some sort helps with forgiveness and release. If you can do this, it helps one to see and understand how we are all One. To step back and allow others to do what they do, and remember that each is responsible for their own creations is to understand we each create our own learning, and this learning is how we discover our strength. To remain neutral and detached does NOT mean that we do not love or care.

3) Do you understand that to love yourself is to open your heart to Unity and Oneness?

*It is not selfish to consider your thoughts and feelings. It is not selfish to put a boundary in place to protect what you have worked hard to heal. It is not selfish to put your needs first. If your battery is drained, so is your energetic bank account, and you will go bankrupt. It is our responsibility to care for ourselves! To love yourself and know yourself will allow you to understand what Divine Love is. It is also the path to peace.

4) Do your actions and thoughts express your acceptance of Self as Source?

*Are you paying attention to the words you say to yourself or the actions you are taking regarding yourself? Are you honoring your body with food, water and rest? Are you honoring your feelings instead of trying to mentally push through and bury them? Do you have gratitude for all you have? Can you find the silver lining when things are not so fun?

5) Are you paying attention to where you are placing your energy?

*Are the things you think and do geared towards what was or what you want to be? Energy manifests, so it is important to be very observant of ourselves right now. Heavy thoughts and judgement occur, but this is where we must be diligent in looking for the facts of the situation rather then concocting stories and making assumptions about things.

I hope you will take the time to really look into these questions over the next day or two.

It will help you to shift towards soul purpose and understanding, but it takes a willing heart to do so.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

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