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Questions for Humans

We are spiritual beings who came here to have a human experience… and many of us are wincing at that truth.

We came here to experience heartache and sorrow so we could have a greater understanding and value of Love.

We came here to learn to open our hearts and remember who we innately are as divine creatures.

We came here to see through the veils of illusion and understand the Light has never faded, but merely was covered with curtains.

We came here to feel in order to heal.

Can you stand beside someone who is suffering and simply be with them? Hug them? Hold them? And NOT feel the need to give advice, or attempt to fix it?

How do you respond to a wounded heart? Do you feel the need to jump in and make them feel better? Or do you shy away, avoiding it, because their pain triggers your own?

In the depths of your own despair, do you notice the despair of others or are you so blinded by your own experience, you fail to notice them? Do you know how to show up for them?

Are you so caught up in the external drama that you can’t read between the lines?

Do you hold so tightly to your convictions that you have no room for another’s?

Are you so stuck in accumulating things that you don’t bother to have gratitude for what you currently have?

Have you been taking in too much verbiage from everyone around you that you cannot identify the truth of your own being?

Have you become so uncomfortable “feeling” that you make yourself so busy that you don’t have time to heal?

As humans, we are to be here to offer a helping hand, but not shove it down their throats.

As humans, we are here to ask questions, even if it hurts.

As humans, we are here to speak our truths and to listen to the truths of others.

As humans, we are to accept and honor all life here, without judgement of another.

Think I am wrong?

Reflect for a moment on the people who you remember the most. I bet they were the ones who loved you when you were at your lowest. They didn’t try to fix you… only love you. The ones who didn’t judge you and simply let you be you. They were there to offer a hand but didn’t get pissed if you didn’t take it. Or perhaps it was a stranger who helped you in a time of need.

It is acts of sincere kindness (nothing expected in return) that have the greatest impact. In a day and age where division is everywhere, we need to pull our shit together and get with the program.

Humanity needs to know that you will throw down to do what needs to be done to make this Earth a better place for all of its creatures. It is beautiful, and holy and fucking hard to exist here. We need to be Lighthouses when life gets rocky and dark. Are you a Lighthouse right now?

In order to do so, we must check our egos at the door.

Can you be sincere and compassionate yet empowered and feisty at the same time?

Can you empower and collaborate with others without an ego trip or feeling less than?

Can you stand in the light of another’s success without feeling envious or jealous?

Can you love the fearful?

Can you love those who make poor decisions for themselves because they lack self-love?

Can you love those who wound others because they too are wounded?

Can you love all of that?

Humans have become so disconnected, we forgot what really matters.

Humans have gotten so wrapped up in things that really do not matter.

Your chosen job, your titles, your education, your spirituality, whether you do yoga or not, whether you read tarot cards or the bible. Vegan or meat eater. Heavy or thin. None of that crap matters.

What matters is your heart, your ears and your brain.

How you share your feelings.

How well you can listen without reacting.

How you view life and people here.

How well you loved yourself and honored the gift of life you were given and the body you were created within to share that love and light with this planet.

When you meet your Creator, all the titles and letters after your name you will matter none.

What will matter is your kindness, your compassion and your realness to everyone.

What will matter is how hard you stayed the course to become that Light, even when it was easier not to.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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