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Oftentimes people come see me when they are at wits end. Hurting deeply and just looking to understand why this is happening to them or how to let things go.

If you pause for a moment, you will see we humans see pain as a form of punishment and we wonder what it’s trying to tell us or what we did wrong. I think a good 98% of humanity are weak in the sense they do not have the gumption to dig deeper into understanding themselves and their hurts. They fill themselves with things and people and busy-ness… desperate to avoid feeling anything other than what is “good”.

Salvation is the preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, and/or loss. Humans are constantly running, avoiding or hero-seeking, desperate to not feel or to be rescued by someone because in some skewed sense it means they are more worthy of love.

We, as humans and as Souls are a conduit for the movement of Divine energy. The human aspect of self has CHOSEN to incarnate at this time for certain experiences that will help the Soul self to become a stronger expression of Divinity within our human fleshy frames.

Since the Soul is our unique reflection of Source/God, our destiny or purpose is to be a reflection to the world of that light. So, if this is the case, why is it we need a human experience to become that expression of Source?

I always say to people that every single challenge we face is a lesson in love. Can you love yourself or love others unconditionally in a given scenario? Let’s be real here…. It’s hard to do, but it is the reason we chose the form we did in the timeframe that we did… to learn how to become our Soul self and to love like Source.

Ascension is the process of embodying that Soul self into the human self and then the Soul becomes the guide through your life. Initially, when a challenge occurs, our human aspect goes off the rails. Then the human aspect realizes the mess it created or wakes up to the fact there is no one to blame and there is no need for shame as it only imprisons you. When the Soul is in control, we can enter into another similar experience, but the Soul possess the wisdom to handle things differently now, and thus we find more love, compassion and peace within it. This is where we find our Salvation.

Humans go through life trying to please others, altering who they are or hiding their thoughts and feelings from the world. Humans fear being judged and abandoned. What we do not realize it is ourselves that are creating this separation through perceptions, judgements and beliefs. This separation causes pain. Humans then seek anything they can so they can be “saved” from the pain… not understanding we are actually enslaving ourselves. The discomfort is there to help you learn and grow. We make ourself emotionally "dumb" by not dealing with what's inside.

We get stuck when feeling the yuck. We seek escape and validation from outside of ourselves. We think this validation will be our salvation. The only true salvation is self-love, to allow our feelings, and to stop giving a shit what others think and just do what is best for us.

Maybe this path will make you have to make some tough decisions that you fear. Ask yourself how many times you have let fear paralyze you... what its already taken from you.

We do not need approval or validation from anyone. Oftentimes we are hiding shame and we seek approval to validate our worth and so we know we are loved.

At times this road can feel long, but keep carrying on, because the light is right around the corner.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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