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Some Don't Come Home

While Memorial Day sparks excitement over BBQ and brews, this day has a very different meaning if your loved one lost their life serving our country, or, you happened to be a soldier who tended to the wounded who died.

Have you ever been to a veteran cemetery? The energy is very different. It is powerful and deep.

Today I contemplate the meaning of the red poppy symbolism and how the essence of the poppy represents rest, regeneration, honor and remembrance. Today I hold that energy of reverence and remembrance deep in my heart. In my work I have communicated with many who have lost a soldier, or who's job it was to tend to those critically wounded and didn't make it....

Some Don't Come Home

They are mothers and fathers

They are sons and daughters

They are our sisters and brothers

They are our country’s soldiers.

It is for our flag they fight

For our freedom they defend

They left behind their families

Some don’t come home again.

Our freedom often taken for granted

Seeming that it was free

I may not know your name

But your sacrifice lives on for me.

And on this Memorial Day

I thank you and your family

For the gift of freedom

And for the life you so bravely gave

*Honoring all who lost their lives defending our freedom on this Memorial Day

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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