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Super BloodMoon in Sagittarius with a Lunar Eclipse- The Most Powerful Gateway of Our Lives

How have you been feeling this last week or two?

Are you feeling squeezed, pushed, pulled, and generally in the mixer of emotions and energy?

For Many of you, this chunk of time may have been rather rough. Please understand there is a higher reason behind what you are feeling.

As we have been approaching today's lunar eclipse, the Galactic energies have had a plan- for us to take a spiritual inventory of where we are and where we want to be and to HONOR all the events that have brought you to where you are now. If we do not take a moment to ponder how far we have come and what we have learned from hardship, we find ourselves stuck in lower energies, feeling like we are going nowhere (now-here).

The Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius will be a power punch, as there is an emotional reset taking place that will shift you into a higher place of awareness and wisdom… whether you like it or not.

Now, it is even more important to release all that you have known in the past and completely embrace the essence of faith. Humans have been stuck in their heads far too long and the heart is demanding your attention now. Only your heart knows the truth, but you must learn its language. Many speak of acting from a place of love, but do not understand what love really is.

Eclipse Season is Here-

Eclipse energy is a time of deep surrender and transformation.

Our 2021 eclipse season has two parts...

The first part begins today, with the total Lunar Eclipse /Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26. Lunar eclipses are all about clearing pathways. These clearings lead to a higher stage of our Soul's evolution as we let go of all that is no longer serving us. That energy has been withus for a few weeks now, and many have been feeling it.

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini falls on June 10. Solar eclipses are associated with beginnings, openings and the release of repressed energies. When consciously utilized, a greater merging and understanding of your Soul Purpose can occur.

(The second phase begins with the partial lunar eclipse of the Full Moon in Taurus on November 19, and a total solar eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius will occur on December 4).

Right now, we are plumb in the cesspool of the ‘letting go’ stage of the first eclipse pair. Not very comfortable, is it?

The primary energy we are all feeling is that of what is called an alchemical transformation… this is where every flipping aspect of who we are is shifting… all the way down to our cells. It unwinds the chains and ropes of limitation and confinement we have held (such as our thoughts, perceptions and emotions), keeping us from our freedom and sovereignty. Eclipses typically sock it to the emotions so we can “notice” what we are not paying attention to. Humans tend to learn the hard way, don't we?

Eclipses bring dualistic/bipolar energy. Ups/downs, endings/beginnings, welcoming/releasing.

Power is the theme of this eclipse, and centers around the ability to recognize when one’s life is aligned with your Soul Path (surfing vs drowning) and that you are expressing your most real and authentic self. It will educate you on true power... and strip you of it if you abuse it or give it away via playing the victim/blaming/shaming/judging.

A warning to the wise:

Use this energy to your advantage. If you are resistant, stuck in blaming the world for where you are, you will get slapped with a 2x4. The energy of this eclipse may knock some on their asses and life may appear sideways. You are not being punished!! You are being awakened!!

If you are stuck in the mud (resistant/blame/shame/judgement), you will get knocked over to gain a new perspective. Your emotional and spiritual intelligence is being dialed up. Anything that has been left unresolved in this life (or any past lifetime) pops to the surface for healing. This is a powerful spiritual reboot.

Do yourselves a favor… if you are feeling something uncomfortable, do NOT blame others for it. Investigate your experiences and ask what part of yourself needs to be given attention or expression. We must remember “It’s not about them, it’s about me”. Your beliefs have a large connection to what plays out in your life, so it behooves us all to check our mindsets.

Use This Gateway for Growth-

The last few days have been building up energy for a major release. Right now begs us to just let go of the baggage. Today's Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is the catalyst to propel us forward… Sagittarius carries the bow and arrow.. its’s pulled back, so see where the arrow goes.

Let’s look at Sagittarius, the Archer for a moment. He carries a bow and arrow. The bow propels the arrow forward by the power of the tension within its strings. The Cosmos is the tension in the strings… we are the arrow about ready to be released.

A Bridge Between Lives-

While today's eclipse is all about letting go, the Solar Eclipse on June 10, is about seeding the new.

The time between May 26 and June 10 is the bridge between your old life and your new life. You will change far more than you even know in this brief period of time!!

Walk this bridge consciously and with purpose. Choose what to let go of. Struggling with feelings that suck? Ask yourself what belief you are holding on to or what trauma you are playing with that keeps you here. Let that shit go.

At the midpoint of the bridge between the eclipses , June 2nd, 3rd and 4th, conjure your intention and place thoughts and energy towards what you will create now.

Golden Rule: The Universe will not open a door for you until you firmly close the old one. When playing on monkey bars, you must move one hand from behind to move ahead.


Stop to see how far you’ve come and be proud of that.

Where are you not yet at peace with your past? Make a list and make it right.

Where are your perceptions/beliefs causing your suffering?

As this Gateway is about Power, you will be taught power in proper context.

You will find out where you neglect it, abuse it and give it away.

You will be rewarded for promoting empowerment if you do not give yours away.

Power is knowing yourself deeply.

Power is understanding others… deeply.

Power in placing boundaries where needed.

Power is knowing, being and expressing your truth AND not letting what others may think deter you.

I hope we all choose to use this energy wisely.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

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This is gorgeous, auspicious, helpful and deep.

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