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Taming the Beast

Humans have gerbil wheels for brains.

Non-stop thinking, analyzing.

We are bordering on mechanical sometimes with the non-stop brain activity. There’s a danger here… the disconnection from Source and the real meaning of life.

We humans tend to be goal focused.

We tend to only appreciate what feels good and reject all the rest.

We expect our lives to go a certain way and boom… here comes a big fat challenge.

We are told when a challenge arises the contemplate our options and weigh them out.

However, there is no room for your heart awareness here. And to only rationalize something means to only be partially armed.

The head is meant to serve the heart… to help the heart lay out a path. In traditional society, do you see this rarely happens?

What about your inner knowing?

What about your faith?

Only rationalizing things takes the heart, your Spirit, out of the game.

It shows that there is a lack of trust in the Universe. That the Universe will not provide you the best outcome, and therefore, you have to control and manipulate things to make it happen. Or that you have to sacrifice yourself and your integrity because the brain becomes the minion to the Ego.

This kind of processing will not work for you, and you will find yourself bouncing your head off a brick wall. In this New Earth reality, you cannot create from the brain. You must create your reality from your heart first.

What if I tell you the way to create the best and highest outcome is to let go.

Let go of the goal, which is created in the mind anyway.

What if I told you to focus on what you want to FEEL inside daily.

Oooohhh… scary, isn’t it?


Controlling things disconnects you from your Higher Guidance.

It disconnects you from your own inner knowing.

It keeps you locked down in the realm of suffering.

Observe the problem, but go within yourself, your body.

Where are you feeling it?

Describe it to yourself… use adjectives, not words implying emotion. You are painting a picture of what the body is experiencing.

Now go back to the challenge.

Think of each possible choice you could make.

Take each choice and run it through the awareness of the body.

How does your body respond to the choice?

Take note of what presents itself to you.

When you silence the mind, your Higher Guidance and your Higher Self communicate with you.

The answer may be sadness, but even within that, there will be a “knowing” of what to do and a calm that accompanies it.

Just so you know, inner guidance is non-emotional, until the mental processes are applied. Sometimes there is a split second of knowing before the emotion sets in and this is what can make it tricky for us to know what the guidance is.

Do not beat yourself up about choices you have made in the past or the ones you will make in the future. There is no such thing as wrong or right. There is only learning.

Please remember that we are on a journey to embrace life, all aspects of it, even the icky, prickly parts.

Feel your way into things and do what feels right within you at the time.

If it goes sideways, it doesn’t mean it was wrong.

Rather, ask yourself, “What is this showing me about me”?

“What is within this experience I must recognize within myself”?

The mind is a beast, and a part of our human journey is to learn to curb its controlling nature.

It is loud and chaotic and overly dramatic. It is an overpaid imposter.

People wonder why they cannot “receive messages” …. It’s because the mind needs a gag order!

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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