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The Lighthouse

If you are really struggling, I hope you take the time to read this.

I cannot even express how much I love Lighthouses. They are beautiful and mystical to me. I collect images of them, because, to me, they are powerful. And if you really think about their role here, they are more than powerful. Their symbolism is profound.

In life, there are storms.

Storms are a combination of wind (mind, thought, perception and belief), water (emotions and sensations), and lightning (spirit or soul intervention).

Storms symbolize our agitated thoughts and emotions that we may not fully understand.

Storms are a metaphor that indicates something hidden in the subconscious is plotting a takeover.

As the element of water represents emotions, the Lighthouse is a symbol of strength, courage and hope for those times when we feel we are being tossed around in a sea of turmoil.

There are times the waters of emotion can be treacherous. There are hidden rocks, reefs, shallow areas and rogue waves that come out of nowhere. These things symbolize the final fears which seem to pop up near the end of turbulent trek.

The quote "It’s always darkest before the dawn", indicates when you are at your worst, it’s almost over. Things always seem the most hopeless as we reach the end of it. This is typically the point when we feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. However, what you may have forgotten is the wave of suffering is about to dissipate. From here, clarity will be gained, and a moment of peace achieved. So, please, do not give up, if you are struggling.

Do you know how strong Lighthouses are??

Most lighthouses find themselves on the highest point of land which is closest to the sea and its dangers. Its tubular, rounded construction makes it so strong it can withstand the nastiest of wind and waves that pound against it. It has the ability to endure.

Lighthouses symbolize Divine Guidance when we are being pummeled by the emotional storms of life. Its light shines in all directions. Use this light as a focal point to steer into the calm waters of safe harbor which the Lighthouse oversees. Regardless of how turbulent our emotional seas may become, there is always a light out there waiting to guide us to safety, and reprieve.

We all need reference points by which we can orient ourselves in our daily lives.

We look to the stars when we seek higher consciousness and awareness or need guidance from the Heavens.

We look to human Way-showers as guides for the journey we take up the spiritual mountain in pursuit of spiritual attainment while here on Earth, giving us practical steps to take along the way.

We too must look to the Lighthouse for guidance and to point the way to safety when navigating the dark seas of emotion.

The Lighthouse stands tall and strong in both darkness and in light.

It symbolizes many things.






It is a spiritual "Welcome Mat" of sorts, knowing you are close to reprieve.

Look what you have been through and survived.

Look at what you have conquered that you didn’t think you could.

Remember those times you stood tall, not shrinking or running away when shit got uncomfortable.

The highest place of energy within you is your heart, and it is there you will find the Lighthouse.

We each have one.

It guides us through feeling, not thinking.

There are dangers in thinking too much.

There are dangers in running or avoiding things too.

Storms can make the journey of living difficult, sometimes even treacherous at times. But the Lighthouse is always there as a beacon of Light guiding the way to safety. For those adrift in the storms of life, Lighthouses are there, guiding you to safety and to honor you when you return to the safety of self.

Look to your heart to find the Light within to guide the way.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

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1 Comment

Tyler Bakken
Tyler Bakken
May 28, 2021

Thank you for sharing 🙏💖 such a good read.

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