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To Feel?

I see it time and time again…

People afraid to speak their truth or communicate their pains, discomfort, emotions… the gambit.

Our culture (frankly, far too many cultures actually) have no clue how to handle emotions.

And our breakdown is showing.

We are taught to be stoic.

To be “unfeeling”.

We thus have created a mess.

No…. actually, we have created monsters.

A culture of “victims”.

A culture of coldness and emotionally distant humans.

A culture of liars and cheats.

A culture of bull-shitters.

All of it rooted in one thing.

Refusal to be real.

Because of fear.

Did you know there are only 2 emotions?

Go ahead argue that one.

All emotions are either particles of love, or of fear.

Fear and love are the only 2 emotions there are.

Everything else are derivatives of them.

Perhaps you are afraid your pain will scare others away?

That is merely a reflection of how you reject yourself and your pain.

Pain won’t scare others away if you’re not scared to face it.

When we learn to face the scary stuff in our hearts, there is no reason for rejection. It takes great courage to face ourselves down.

That means knowing what we feel (I’m talking about sensations in the body, not emotions, as they do NOT matter).

It means giving a voice and understanding to those sensations that do not know how to let themselves be felt or be known... without us losing our shit.

When we can do this, those sensations will no longer threaten us, and when we do not feel threatened by what we are experiencing, our strength grows, and thus, we will not fear being real.

We will not fear being rejected by others, because we are no longer rejecting ourselves.

It is an act of self-love to give time and understanding to those pieces we would prefer to run from. Emotions are not scary… the SENSATIONS we experience are.

But when we explore them, they will not have the power any longer to take us into the rabbit hole.

When each sensation is given permission to exist, what do you think that will do?

This is acceptance.

Do you know what it feels like to be dismissed or cast aside or for someone to act like you do not exist?

In effect, this is what we are doing to ourselves every dang day!

To allow yourself to feel gives way to a deeper relationship with yourself and a deeper relationship with others. Relationships cannot sustain the test of time when only superficial bonds are made.

Sure, to feel those good things is easy. But I ask you to understand all sensations are valid and purposeful. If you have the courage to follow the sensations back in time, you will learn boatloads about where your healing should begin.

Why face your discomfort?

What if I told you that if you don’t, your essence can be broken if you do not form a deeper connection with yourself.

Your relationships with others will crumble under the pressures of misunderstandings because someone cannot look at their own crap.

Feeling is brave.

It pokes fear in the eye and tells it to get lost.

To allow yourself to feel and investigate it will also keep you from bleeding all over others because you lack personal awareness.

When you do not deal with what cut you (which requires knowing what that is!!!), you will make others bleed by cutting them out of your own ignorance.

Or you will continue to cut yourself in the same wound, forming scars.

Would you like to know how to find peace within?

Give yourself permission to feel those sensations.

Ask questions about it and take it back through the tracks of time and figure out where it originated.

This creates inner harmony because these are pieces of you that have been ignored, rejected and dismissed. First by others, but then you became the one doing the damage.

When you do this, you then open the door for others to feel safe and able to be vulnerable around you, and this is where the deep healing of humanity begins.

What you reject in yourself you will reject and judge in others.

Use this as a gauge of personal awareness by checking yourself (before you wreck yourself or someone else).

This is how our hearts become free.

With Love,


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