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Waking Up

By now, many have generic sense of what it means to “awaken” in the Spiritual sense. What you may not understand is that along the way, it doesn’t always feel so good.

When we initially “wake up”, life turns on a dime. We find ourselves confused, and life doesn’t make sense. What we once believed or resonated with shifts and we wonder if it happened overnight.

Then, we get impatient and frustrated. We want answers, but cannot seem to find them, because we do not understand the concept of time from a divine perspective. The human self believes time is linear. Spiritually, “time” does not exist and therefore, the answers appear when we are energetically in a place to align with the answers. Read that again… answers are about alignment with the frequency of the information. Then when we do align, answers received, and we have an “A-ha” moment and our understanding of the world changes.

When we receive the “answers”, we then vacillate between what was and what we want to be or where we want to be. It will feel like we are bouncing between the realms of suffering and peace. This is where we take the info we gained and have to apply it.

Having to apply a new way of life causes the ego-self to freak out. Understand that the ego perceives change as death, and the ego likes to fight to the end. Think of it as a “testing out” phase. If you are familiar with the Dark Night of the Soul, it is depression, but a mystical depression, or soul crisis. Medication does NOT fix this. Its purpose is to strip us down, raw, naked. It is how we leave the “old life” or the “old self”. We cannot evolve spiritually unless we lose the lower vibrational identity. When we are in the midst of spiritual crisis, know and understand the shift or cycle you are entering into is a MASSIVE one.

If/when you make that shift in vibration and consciousness, life changes for the better. Renewal occurs and a sense of peace results from this shedding of the old. This leads to a greater connection with everyone and everything, and a deeper level of unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

Life will then feel that everything is in sync for a period of time. But understand that growth is constant, and we will begin the cycle again and again for the sake of stripping off the layers of old vibration.

So, ask yourself where you are in your cycle of evolution.

Are you fighting the flow of life? Are you swimming upstream?

Or are you surfing the waves and allowing things to be, and allowing yourself to feel, and taking each moment to analyze it and learn from it?

Every challenge we experience is a lesson, and the subject is yourself and to learn more about your essence, your strength and your courage. When we learn to surf, initially, we are incredibly wobbly. It takes time and oodles of practice to strengthen the body, the mind and the spirit to surf with ease.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

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