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Why Did We Choose To Be Humans?

During meditation this morning, I was really curious as to why anyone would want to be a human right now. I know that on a soul level, we incarnated here knowing ahead of time what we would encounter in a given incarnation.

Below is what I received as a channeled message during my meditation:

(it is a bit on the lengthy side)

"Humans were originally considered to be a physical incarnation of Source or God, for God wanted to experience what it had created.

The humans were one very peaceful and united and understood that they and each other, were physical incarnations of God/Source. Humans were created with free will to be able to choose how it shared its divinity in the realm, for Source/God created a world with many gifts, thus, there were many humans and other life forms to honor all of these gifts in different ways. So free will allowed these divine humans to express their love and light in a variety of ways. However, all ways were seen to be an expression of God/Source.

Over time these divine human creatures got the attention of other life forms from another world system. These creatures were also divine creatures, however, they had fallen out of alignment with their own source and their reality became distorted. Their chief focus became “power”. These lower vibrational beings came to the world of the divine humans long, long ago. The beautiful humans were tricked and deceived because they had such open, loving hearts and they were not able to discern energy as they believed all was of God/Source.

These divine humans were tinkered with on a cellular and mental/emotional level and energy grids were put into place which caused these humans to be imprisoned in a matrix of energy, without their knowing. This blocked them from their connection to Home and their divine memory. Because of this, the divine humans forgot who they were and continued to create from within the prison matrix they didn’t realize they were in. This continued the fall of mankind and with each procreation, less and less light was encoded into the new human being born.

Then one day a few brave souls who had not yet taken form chose to incarnate into the human matrix prison with their connection and divine memory intact. As these souls procreated, the light of Home and the remembrance of who they really were began to proliferate within the matrix prison. Where one awakened, then there were two, then three, then 100’s then hundreds of 1000’s. Due to this, the growing light began to break down the energetic matrix holding humanity hostage, and a higher vibrational light began to penetrate.

As the light continued to penetrate the prison matrix, more and more humans began to activate, awaken and remember their divine essence once again. This is what many humans call “awakening” because the human is waking from their slumber of disconnection and forgetfulness of their divine blueprint.

Today, the light is penetrating thru the gaping cracks in the walls of the matrix prison. In some places, parts of the prison walls have fallen. Some humans are seeing this and getting out. Others are choosing to stay within the confines of a crumbling reality.

We chose to incarnate in this time and in place during these circumstances for a significant reason. What you may not know is that the humanity of today is more perfected than in the original blueprint in some ways. Because many had chosen to be humans in previous lifetimes, they learned a lot in these incarnations and it bestowed upon them the gift of discernment, and thus they have become the protectors and the teachers of the new humanity. The numbers of you stepping into this role grow with each energy wave and each day that passes. It is because you chose to incarnate that the New Earth is entirely possible at all.

For those of you struggling, there is simply many things for you to remember about your true self.

There are many things to shed to become your true self.

You have over identified with the “old human experience” of pain and suffering.

Stop for a moment and see your emotions as indicators of what you are creating and ask yourself what it is you are focusing on as an excuse to not be your divine loving self.

Understand that what you are getting from others points the way to wholeness of divine self if you can honor your emotions and see them as teaching tools.

Emotions are an indicator that you are in human mode (which is not a bad thing) but you must switch to the Soul mode which is love and nonjudgement.

Understand these are the foundations of your true nature.

Let the human aspect discern, not judge".

(end of channeled message)

I hope that this touches some of you in some way as the waves of light continue to grow with each day.

We are either ascending/awakening or we are choosing to stay right where we are. The choice is not to be judged, but honored. But focus on the relationship you have with yourself and see that your daily dealings are rooted in love and compassion instead of judgement and fear.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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