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Your Light Is Needed

Today my heart is heavy on so many levels.

But this post is for our country’s veterans, and those who love them because many are hurting right now.

I usually try to keep “political” crap out of my posts because I cannot stand division.

But what is happening in Afghanistan hurts on so many levels and is a humanitarian concern.

How can we not be affected when we are all humans and are made of flesh?

I am a mother who’s child is active duty, and I am scared for what this could mean for my family.

I am a friend of many veterans, who have come back with the war in their eyes and hearts.

I am an empath who has counselled many veterans and I have seen and felt with my own eyes, and in my own heart, what they carry in theirs.

How do I ease the anger, the pain in my child’s heart because he is incredibly patriotic, and feels deeply for his brothers and sisters in service and they pain they are feeling right now?

How do I not worry because I know he has a heart like my husband and myself, and he would give his life to save yours and it could mean he could be hurt or taken from me? How would I comfort him if someone he knew took their own life because of this?

How do I stop my heart from hurting because I know people who served in Afghanistan, who saw some horrible shit and they are reliving their war? How do I help them when these events are triggering emotions of anger, sadness, confusion? How do I help them not feel their time there was worth something? How do I help the families who’s loved one died there or came back and they were never the same?

What do I do when I feel what is going on over there is so fucking evil and I feel helpless and hopeless? What do I do when I don’t know how to make a difference when Afghani people are being murdered in their own homes? What do I do when I feel a complete loss of faith in our so-called government?

When I feel like this, I talk to God, because I don’t know what else to do.

I hear “Do you know where your Faith is”?

My human aspect thinks this is bullshit, because my human wants to know what to “do”… not sit and hope and pray and wait till shit sorts itself out.

Again, I hear “Where is your Faith”?

Angrily, I retort wondering what the hell “faith” is going to do to fix how I feel or what is playing out.

“What did you tell your child this morning”?

I told him that on a soul level, these souls are giving of their own lives to expose truth, and to illuminate things we need to see. However, even knowing that does nothing to ease the pain in the hearts of anyone who is struggling with this.

For our veterans and active-duty people, I feel into your hearts and your service matters to more than you know. For those who served in that war, there was a difference made in the lives of someone over there. You gave them an experience they may not have otherwise had. Women who were able to feel they were valued for the first time in their life. Women who were able to get some education. Children who could see kindness from strangers. The man who came back here and walked from MN to TX and back to raise money for the children over there. You made a difference, and any difference is a gift, and it is not in vain.

If you know a veteran, reach out to them, and check in on them, because the war never leaves you, and when you sacrifice as much as they do, they likely are impacted deeply by this.

If you are a human, take a moment to go into quiet and intend to send love and light to the people here. As much as it feels like doing so is a waste of time, there is much power in prayer and intention.

The world needs love and light like never before.

Your light is needed.

Enough of this division.

We are all human.

We are all made of flesh and bone.

We all feel pain and fear.

Let your love, light and support be known in the world.

We are all needed.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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