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A Little Thunder, Lightning and Rain

The energy over the last several days has been kicking my arse.

I have been nauseated, and my head pounding.

If I think back to my younger years, I felt hung-over… minus the fun I didn’t remember.

During these energetic shifts, I don’t sleep much.

This morning around 4am my hubby asked me to do him a favor…

To go outside and leave my phone (as I watch videos when I can’t sleep) on the table and just sit there for a while. Honestly, he really seems to know what I need when I am floundering.

For whatever reasons, I obliged and went out on my deck underneath the dark sky.

First, I grabbed the chair and sat there and watched as the lightning flashed and illuminated the path between my house and my favorite neighbor’s. Over and over again I watched, wondering why it chose this place to shine its light.

The thunder rolled gently in the distance and the faintest of sunlight started to peak in the east, making the sky a dark purple in some places. I closed my eyes and listened as the winds picked up and rushed through the leaves of the trees. For a moment I forgot where I was and I felt like I was on the lake that I love… in pure solitude.

I love to get up around 3am because the world is silent. I love the dark sky and to be in solitude under it feels like pure heaven to me… like I am home. But lately, I have been occupying my time with creating projects like resin art or building things. And to my husband’s surprise, I may even clean up a little. And the price I pay for not balancing myself out in nature is illness.

So, under the dark purple sky I sat, chilled from the wind and the gentle rain. Normally when the rain comes, I head indoors, as… omg, you should see my hair when it gets wet. However, I pushed the chair back against the side of the railing and laid down on the deck instead. I laid there watching the sky and feeling the rain. And then I started to cry. I felt so much within a split second it was overwhelming. I felt the shamanic death I have been undergoing for 18 months now is coming to a close. I am no longer the person I was. Very little about my life went untouched. Some relationships grew exponentially closer. Others were severed completely in the blink of an eye.

Thunder and lightning are associated with the shamanic animal Thunderbird, and this is a mighty powerful healer and the path it puts you on is not for the weak. In my visions I see purple lightning and hear gentle thunder off in the distance when a profound change is coming.

This morning the wonder and beauty of the stormy sky made me feel I had finally "come home", and I have not felt that feeling within my heart for far too long.

The energies are getting really, really intense, and for some, you may feel like you woke up in a familiar looking place but suddenly, it no longer feels the way it used to. This is what we call popping out into a new reality…. And at times it can feel like you are Alice, and your environment is Wonderland.

Make time for solitude under the dark sky if you can.

If you are a star-seed struggling with “homesickness”, this can help you feel a little of the energy of Home in your heart.

With love and light,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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