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April 2022 Energy Intel

April 2022 Energy Intel

Well, we made it through March. It seems like March went one of two ways… you either enjoyed the journey or you were on the downslide of the rollercoaster and questioned if you were about to come flying out of your seat. If you didn't realize you had wings, you may have feared what was about to come.

Around the middle of March the energy shifted, and you may have felt a surge of “empowerment” occur. Maybe if you’ve been dilly-dallying with something you finally took yourself off the rocking-horse and got busy. Our work this past month was to put things to rest and start laying foundations for something new.

April kicks off with in flux of Solar Flare/CME and Geomagnetic storm energy that will have us feeling so tired we will need to rest and integrate these energies. It’s the rest needed before the big work begins.

Then on April 1st we start the month with a new moon in Aries. This is no ordinary new moon. This is a very powerful new beginning! This is literally the first day of the Astrological New Year. Think new-new-new! It’s collective rebirth time... who’s planning the party?!

A new moon in Aries brings a new beginning backed by momentum. It will not be a struggle to get something moving right now. For those of us who self-sabotage, now is a really good time to grab that bull by the horns and run that sucker headfirst into the ground. It is no longer time to deal with surface issues but dig deep into the recesses that scare us and stand there, middle fingers in the air. This is our power, and no one will take it from us… including our "tore-up-from-the floor-up" human aspect who revels in fear. If you’ve struggled feeling weak willed or inferior, this is the time you’ve been waiting for to change that and bury it!

The drive and determination you may have been lacking will shift and you will find it easier to commit to yourself and to what is in your best and highest good.

As I listened for the next bit of info Source wished to share, I felt in energy slip over me.

It was the color of a deep sapphire blue and felt silky like velvet. It made me a little sleepy for a moment and I could feel this is how the energy worked.

Here, we begin the channeled messages…

This velvety feeling blue energy intuited its name was Oro. It is an energetic being from what feels like Sirius, but it is different than the energies I have felt from there before. It felt denser, almost like a velvet blanket… like how a weighted blanket will calm you some.

I got a vision of many souls in many beds, much like military barracks. While the souls are asleep, this deep velvety blue energy moves around and through these souls and I feel these souls sink deeper and deeper into a peaceful state of being where nightmares do not exist.

“I move about during dream time removing the chains of illusion that are holding you locked in slumber. I carry the energy of the enchanting night sky and the feeling of Home for some of the starseeds on this planet”.

“Humanity has been imprisoned in illusion and is mostly unaware of this and my energy sweeps through to clear you and you shall awake in a new reality where the hearts are lighter, and the colors of life are brighter and more beautiful”.

It shows me how it is working with collectives of humanity (the barracks so to speak) who are ready to shift and how it is healing us during our dreamtime.

As the energy gently drifts away, I hear pages of a newspaper turning. I sense an image of a transparent figure, elder, with glasses on his nose. He looks up at me from his newspaper and says, “I am Grandfather Time”. He then goes back to reading the newspaper and the image drifts away. Yet, he still speaks to me.

“Many of you are not aware of a time that mainstream media actually told you real news, the actual truth. There are many who are aware now of the lies and the agenda of mainstream media today, and thus, have chosen to not take part in the realities they are trying to sell you”.

“Reports come out by the truth tellers, yet you are then told they are lies, only some time later you come to find out they were indeed the truth”.

“My beloved sons and daughters, I wish to tell you that the media is being infiltrated by the Light, and in time, all that will be told is truth, hope and Love”.

“Dear sons and daughters, open your hearts, open your minds, as you are being tuned in to a new reality where Unity is the goal and tales of love and caring will be the only agenda. It will be a place where we can celebrate the goodness of humanity once again”.

I understand that what this energy is conveying is that the media as we know it is changing for the better, but it will not happen overnight. That inside of ourselves we must have the ability to discern for ourselves and trust our inner knowing while this shift occurs.

Suddenly I am blinded by a bright white light and a shadow figure of a big bird (hawk, eagle or the like) comes flying at me. I actually jerk, feeling like I’m gonna fall backwards out of my chair. The energy transmuted into a deep golden energy then spoke.

“I am Ra, Egyptian God of the Sun, the God of ultimate right and justice in the Cosmos”.

“I have come to you through the movements and projections of the Great Illuminated Disk (the Sun). This Soul (the Sun, Solaris) has been restored to its purity, and you can see this in its change from golden to white. It has undergone a profound healing and has been restored to its pure and powerful form”.

“When the Sun wishes to share itself to illuminate and educate you, it forcefully sends a projection of itself towards the planet (solar flares, coronal mass ejections and geomagnetic storms). This Light and Plasma carry within it specific keys that unlock humanity from its sleepy lower human confines".

"As of the last several sleeps, The Great Illuminating Disk has sent itself forward to you, with very powerful keys (we have had many flares over the last few days including the biggest flare, an X class flare) and these communications will unlock another layer of your DNA (this is why you are likely exhausted). This will allow another larger fragment of your Soul/Solar self into your human form, for your heart is also an Illuminated Disk. This will change you, empower you and awaken you even further as you embody this power and light within you, for it is YOU that you are embodying".

"As this occurs, your life will change. Life is your responsibility, solely your creation. Your energy, your mental projections is what writes the script. Your scripts have been thrown out and you must write a new one. Be aware of what you are writing now as your pen yields great power. Let the mind be curious and have ideas without another part of you stopping them. The ego has been given to much power. It controls through fear. The Great Light moves through you acting as inspiration”.

“A time of rebirth and regeneration is upon you. Do not sit there idly doing nothing for yourselves. Plant the seeds now. It is time to take charge of creating yourself and your life. The foundation has never been so fertile. If you do not plant flowers, nothing beautiful will grow”.

(end of channeling)

So, the governing message this month of April is to understand this is a brand new beginning and a powerful one at that , as it will change our lives forever. The potential during this month is unprecedented.

Its number is 1, and 4.

1 is the number of new beginnings. (4+2+0+2+2=10... 1+0= 1)

April is the fourth month of the calendar. 4 is the number of stability and foundation.

The time of rebirthing a new life, a new you, and to understand that what you build in this light will forever stay with you.

March closed the book, not the chapter.

April begins a new story, a birth story of a new identity, a new purpose, and a new path.

What we plant now will be fully available or locked in at the time of Harvest (Aug to Nov).

Because this energy is very powerful “self-work”, there may be times we feel isolated or left out or that we are doing that to others. Understand we all have our work to do, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do it together if the energies align!

Happy rebirth everyone!

With much Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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1 Comment

Michele Maus
Michele Maus
Apr 01, 2022

For me, this energy shift wasn't sudden, but it suddenly played out when I left my toxic job with pure faith guiding me. I have been struggling with "faith". Having so many depending on me at this later stage in my life, has always kept me from doing what I want to do, always having to do what I Need to do: until I can't take it anymore LOL. Not sure of my path, I'm just walking.

Struggling to keep the light on sometimes.

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