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Are You Listening to Your Inner Guide? and ANNOUNCEMENTS!!

In my work, I get asked frequently “How do I know I am listening to my inner guide or my intuition”? My usual response is that true guidance or intuition comes with no emotion… until AFTER the information is received. It’s subtle, but it is a biggie.

Your intuition or inner guide will take in data and information, and it simply “is”. There is a moment of stillness, without emotion. If your mind starts dinking around with it, your drunk human is at the wheel playing the fear or doubt soundtrack over and over again. Intuition or true inner guidance does not fear any outcome. It has faith. It’s the human’s mind that starts in with the soap operas of everything that could go wrong or why you are wrong… you see, it perceives that change is akin to the death of itself.

Your intuition gently invites you to shift, but the ego, pretending to be your guide, will pressure you with urgency or push you due to its own discomfort. Translation: urgency and pressure tells you the ego is at play.

Intuition is sturdy, poised, and unwavering in its knowing. The ego guide is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, it comes unglued, goes off the rails, or flat out gets unhinged. The ego guide will yell and scream that you are stupid or don’t know what you are doing and will start listing off all the reasons it is right. Is it any wonder we feel we are not intuitive??

Your true inner guide (soul self) will understand mistakes are made along the way and has patience and compassion for self and others. The ego guide will tell you all the reasons you are a screw-up and why everyone else is too.

Your inner guide may not like a certain life lesson, but it is open and accepts it, seeing the value in it, no matter how painful or unwanted. The ego guide will shut down, close off and reject it trying to preserve its own “self-image”.

With the incoming energy of October right around the corner, and mass awakenings happening, it is more important now than ever, to know the difference when the Soul is speaking, and when your human ego posing as the “guide” is behind the wheel.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium


Due to my calendar being overwhelmed and many asking to get in sooner, I have decided to open up a few dates and times for Phone and Zoom sessions.

If any of these dates are of interest, please email me at or message me on FB as these will be privately booked for you.

Sept 28th- Phone or Zoom

Between 10am and 1pm

October 2nd-Phone or Zoom

Between 12pm and 2pm

October 5th- Phone or Zoom

Between 5pm and 8pm

October 9th- Phone or Zoom

Between 9am and 1pm

Oct 16th- Phone or Zoom

Between 9am and 1pm


Psychology of Tarot Part 3: How to Read the Cards

Tues Oct 12th at 6:30pm Central

In this class we will play with different layouts that can be used for both Tarot and Oracle cards and learn how to interpret them.

In this class there will be sample readings so you can learn to understand the stories the cards tell.

Part 1 and 2 recommended, but not needed.

All paperwork is emailed to you the DAY BEFORE so you can look at it before starting.

Please email me at or message me on FB to sign up for this class.

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