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Can You Love in Times of Opposition?

The window we are in right now is far more powerful than you may realize.

You may feel it in your being, as for some, it feels like we are being pulled in two opposing directions, perhaps even ripped apart at the core of who we are.

Everywhere you look, people are taking to one side or another of something… anything and everything actually.

And here I sit… in the middle.

I have come to understand the path of Spiritual or Soul Mastery is the path of the middle or neutral. It takes great skill to stand on that pillar, because the post one must stand on to stay neutral is rather small. It requires immense control and coordination, having to correct one’s placement every second. Sound exhausting? It can be!! But once you master it, the wind could blow, and you could remain there, with your eyes closed.

Spiritual Mastery is non-attachment.

Spiritual Mastery is non-judgement, regardless, if you agree or not.

Spiritual Mastery is to see validity in all sides and all things understanding there is more than one truth.

Are you practicing your Mastery?

I’ve been a very busy girl fielding many sessions, calls, texts, emails and social media messages. People are hurting because of people pushing their thoughts and feelings onto others. People are giving up. People are angry. People are scared and sad. People cannot sleep. People are losing hope and wanting to give up on life, feeling suicide is a better option than to live in times like these. And the fact people feel this way cuts me to the bone.

Hold steady my friends… hold steady.

The Ascension Path is one of authenticity, free will and the power of choice. It is where we begin to understand that who we are as divine beings is sovereign… this means we are to remember we are free!!! Freedom comes through choice. Everywhere you look nowadays, someone is pushing into our sovereignty. Do you see it?

I grew up Christian, and in the Bible we are told God gave us free will, correct? I believe that, but do you? However today, in 2021, people seem to think they know what is best for others. People everywhere are trying to infringe on the free will of others and judging everyone for every fucking choice that is made or what they believe in. Judgey McJudgerton is everywhere. But are you one?

It appears there is no more unconditional love.

It appears there is no more respect.

It appears there is no more gray… only black or white.

It is tearing apart families.

It is tearing apart friendships.

It is tearing apart careers.

It is tearing us up inside.

And that you guys, is very dangerous.

I saw a WWJD (what would Jesus do) bracelet on someone the other day and it made me feel that we have fallen so far away from God. Many have no clue what Jesus would do! It feels like there is a divide and conquer mentality presiding over us. Don’t get me wrong, there is so much love, support and honor here, but it’s sad that it is hidden, because people are so afraid to speak their truth… and that includes myself.

What is happening is simple, really.

Problem 1) Fear

Problem 2) Inability to listen… to truly listen to each other WITHOUT reacting.

Problem 3) Pressure, an outward force or exertion of energy by someone moved towards another which is rooted in fear (bringing us back to #1)

And the solution, while not complete, is also simple.

Solution 1) Apply love where there is fear. (Most of us fail right here)

Solution 2) Listen without reacting and to understand that your feelings are YOURS and yours alone. It is no one’s responsibility to do as another asks so that you may feel better inside.

Solution 3) Support someone's free will, despite the fact we may not agree, because to love and honor someone is the way of the Law of One.

Ok… now to get real for a moment (and risk getting kicked in the teeth).

As a psychic and medium, my job is to observe (and sometimes report back to you) regarding energy currents. I use this information to create certain topics regarding my posts, so that others can harness this energy for healing. This wave coming in right now is brutal. It is pushing us deep into ourselves to find ourselves and call our asses out onto the carpet so we can correct ship or go down with the damn thing. It appears this is going to feel like a time of “reprimand”… so it behooves us to be able to be able to take a lick and own up to our own crap right now. Within Spiritual Mastery is an ability to own our screw ups and get to the bottom of it and fix it. Now is the time we are to be our own personal mechanics.

Chiggidy- check yourselves, before you riggidy-wreck yourselves.

So, while normally my posts seem to be with the intention of opening hearts and minds and elevating spirits during these downtrodden times, this one feels more of a “warning” in a way.

We must be very aware of ourselves from here forward.

We must know our intentions… and truly, honestly own them.

We must take stock of our struggle and own the part we play in creating them (ouch).

We are sovereign beings and we must be willing to go it alone to remain in our divine light and God Self at all costs.

We must be willing to listen, to respect and to honor all of life here… regardless of how we feel about their choices, decisions, beliefs and perspectives.

We must understand that to try and change the mind of another is indeed a violation of another’s free will. The energy pushes forward with force and coercion. This is enslavement. There is a difference in trying to hear and understand someone’s point of view, and then share in reciprocity. The difference in intention and energy is felt psychically. When one truly wants to know and understand another, their heart opens, thus, opening the hearts of another.

I am putting this out there as a reminder we are heading into turbulent times, and duality and division are more prominent than ever, and I do not see this changing for some time. To be divided means we can be “conquered” because we are weak. This makes us susceptible to pressure. It causes you to disconnect from self and Source/God. To disconnect is to lose yourself.

During these times what is needed is to remember what it means to be connected with our Divine Soul Self… that part of you that is God incarnate.

In everything that you do, think, say and believe, let love be the essence behind it all. Hold within your heart the understanding there are multiple truths and multiple points of view with validity.

Ask yourself when times are hard, “What Would God Do” (hint: love and inclusion, with boundaries, is the only answer).

Then go do that.

Be a Warrior of Light.

Be a Protector of Sovereignty.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

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