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Consciousness, Solar Flares and Geomagnetic Storms

Over the last several weeks we have had a ton of high level solar activity. The flares and geomagnetic storms have been some of the highest levels I have seen. This post is to help you understand why it matters, and how you are affected by them. Just a few days ago the storm level was 7 out of 9… I have not seen it that high before!

Solar flares are an unfathomable explosion. A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is where there is material that is kicked out with the explosion. We are not talking a volcanic eruption folks… this is more like the type of explosion that would occur when over a billion hydrogen bombs are blown up in unison.

This in turn kicks out a heck of a shock wave. When those head this way, you are right in the middle of it. When the matter from a CME heads this way, there is a further impact on our bodies, our emotions and our psyches. It can have quite an impact on how we “cope” with our daily lives.

Its biggest impact is on our neurological systems. This is turn sends “messages” that were received as energy data packets that then clobbered the daylights out of us. This impact sends a mini shock wave through our own bodies, oftentimes “short-circuiting” our systems… for good reason.

It changes our cells.

It breaks down mental and emotional patterns at a subconscious and conscious level.

If you are struggling with emotional intensity, fear, body aches and pains… this is why.

And this is just the solar flare part.

Oftentimes if the flare is powerful enough, the shockwave will come through and mess with our geomagnetic grids.

These grids are what connects all things. When a Geomagnetic Storm occurs, these grids get rattled big time. This in turn creates a shifting of the energy (magnetic) grids within the planet (can give way to earthquakes and weather changes too). These shifts occur deep within the core of all of mankind as well.

In these grids there is “information”. When grids are impacted, what we are connected to energetically as far as divine information goes, shifts. This allows us to connect to higher states of consciousness.

This occurs because we “download” the sacred information when these things hit our atmosphere.

Have you heard of the Ascension Process?

The change in consciousness of humanity is no small feat… and these events have a huge connection to the change.

The growing intensity is like turning up the dial of electricity. If it went zero to sixty in one fell swoop, we would all fry our brains. These increases are how mankind is being calibrated to higher and higher frequencies.

Schumann Resonance is like Gaia’s heartbeat. Its normal level is around 7-8. Today, at this very moment it is 70.. yep… 70! Gaia is tachycardic! Lately there has been patterns of spiking high, then dropping way down.

This can cause you to feel compressed and heavy and then light and long after it spikes again.

Some of us feel better mentally and emotionally when it goes this high once our bodies reach a certain level of shifting. It feels freer and lighter. For others who still are working on the bigger parts of clearing and growth they may have a “ugh” kind of feeling… feeling anxiety and agitation within them as emotions are being stirred to rise to the surface. Bodies can also feel the impact of this as well. lungs, heads and tummies are often most impacted.

For those of you not feeling much, be thankful! It does not mean you are not spiritual, or you are not doing the work… it simply means your role is to support those who are feeling the blast and to help them through it!

Change is on the horizon and I think most of us feel something is about to happen… even if we don’t know what that is!

Harness this energy to maximize your timelines/outcomes.

Be mindful of what you are thinking and feeling.

Be aware of whether your actions are rooted in love or fear (anything that is not love is fear)


And if you try to push your way through this, you will regret it.

These energies need to be integrated, so rest, be gentle and always find something to be grateful for.

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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1 Comment

Faith Herrick
Faith Herrick
Mar 02, 2023

Omg! I was buzzing like crazy today! I couldn't sit still and was QUITE crafty! This explains a lot.

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