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December 2021 Energy Intel- Dropping the Chains

December promises to be big energetically. The final month of this highly transformational year will bring with it a lot of love and a lot of fire.

Energetically, this month is slated to be packed with astrological and other cosmic events and energies to push us further into deep change.

The Light is here and there really is no turning back.

The increasing quantities of Crystalline/Source Light have done a number on us as the intensity keeps dialing up. It’s impacted us physically, but most noticeably is what has been stirred within our hearts and minds. Light has a way of illuminating things. What resonates with you becomes crystal clear, and what no longer resonates with you becomes painfully obvious.

December will be a month of sharp shifts and turns and drastic endings and beginnings. Do not let this unnerve you… because there is much good in this! This is how we drop the chains that are holding us down... to our pasts, to our traumas, to our fears, and the like. Opportunities for fulfilling our dreams is born out of this energy. Opportunities for fully stepping into our brave and authentic self is born from these ashes. Grieve what you must, but I encourage you to play with your curiosity and let yourself dream for a change. Yeah, life sucks at times, but this month, there will also be so much beauty and so many blessings. Open your eyes and hearts to the love around you. Turn off that damn TV and get into nature. Yes, even if it’s cold out, there is still amazing beauty to be found. We have no idea how disconnected we are from Home. Nature allows us to remember and reconnect.

Rising Fire-

The theme this month appears to be about heart expansion. This month our hearts are demanding to be opened. Old core and deep-seated issues may rise to the surface now to be cleared out to make room for things of a higher vibrational nature. We want to feel and connect on deeper levels and feel we are making a difference here. As our hearts open, our fire grows. In some ways, it is passion and anger that is needed to put boundaries into place. In other ways, we find our gratitude and yearn to develop more of a heart centered relationship with those we love. Also, understand this will take place on more than one level… individually, collectively and cosmically. Even our beloved planet is going through her own expansion.

December will have you thinking about how you can give back, what you would like to share with the world. This kind of giving however, is very different. It’s not the giving of something because you no longer need it. It’s not the kind of giving where you expect something in return. It’s the kind of giving that is done from the heart and is rooted in sheer, unconditional love.

However, it’s important to note that sometimes giving can throw you outta whack.

Are you giving too much?

Is everything you do in life for others?

Um, hate to break it to you, but if you are doing this, you are avoiding your own stuff that needs tending to.

Are you walled off from the world, refusing to let anyone in?

Then you are holding onto fear and insecurity, which keeps you from love and Source.

Do you get butt-hurt when you give something to someone but don’t get even a thank you in return? Then you did not truly give. No one owes you anything.

Give to yourself first. You cannot truly give if you are empty. If you try, it leads to resentment, and that is your issue, because you didn’t fill yourself up... instead you expected others to fill you up in return.

Our experiences, thoughts and feelings interact with our energy fields, and these things create the life we live. Take control and create the life you really want. It takes great courage to be the builder of a new life… a better life. Harness your potential. Envision what it is you truly want. Cut out what does not align with your higher vision. Dare to dream. Look at your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Look at your jobs, your relationships. Are they helping you cultivate your dream? Or are they hurting it?

You'll want to be in charge this month and get down to business and deal with things, and feel like you have achieved something. You will be more focused on WHO you want to be and HOW you can share yourself with the world and how you can make a difference. There is an internal drive to do the dirty work. The work of this month will make you feel better over the long haul and proud of your place in the world. It is time to purify our lives and cut out what no longer serves the life you wish to create for yourself.


We wind up this transformative year with a powerful month of internal shifting. We will finish up the year polishing ourselves and realizing just how much we have learned and how far we have come. Many are taking a stand, protecting our values, boundaries and making our voices heard. We will rethink our purpose in the world this month and come to realize that those traumas we healed became our greatest assets and is the part of us that makes a difference in the world as a whole. Take pride in the work you have done thus far and to know that you are capable of healing and brave enough to make the changes you need to. Next year (2022) will be a year of sorting, organizing and putting things into place. Many will be stepping into a new "identity" of sorts.

An energy gateway has opened, was initiated by the new moon/eclipse, and will continue to build up until 12/12, where the energies will peak. Use this energy to rid yourself of guilt and blame and forgive yourself for past mistakes by recognizing what you have learned. There is so much cosmic energy coming in now and will continue to through the first month of 2022. Harness this energy and its intensity to heal and let yourself be the best You there is in the world. December will change you. You will enter 2022 a new, upgraded version of self!

Have a Blessed Holiday Season Everyone.

With Love and Light,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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