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December's Invitation: The Power of Choice

Oh, the precious month of December.

The beauty of Holiday lights amongst the darkness.

The sparkling snow.

The Christmas trees and the smell of pine.

The chaos of crabby people and crowds.

Parking that sucks butt.

December has a way of stirring the emotions, doesn't it?

There are heightened energies rolling in. I am here to tell you this is only going to continue to intensify. That’s the way of our human ascension from here on out.

This may stir dramas, chaos… and our emotions... as we may get triggered at the drop of a dime.

But we must be careful with this energy and know how to work with it.

The warning:

Your power will be in choice this month. And understanding how choice creates our lives as we wrap up this year and clean up what we do not want to bring forward into the next year. Chaos and drama are a result of choice… our own and the ones others make. What we do now matters more than you may realize. Do NOT engage in anything that will bring you unwanted chaos as you may regret it.

These energies are much like fire. The sweep in. Momentarily they can warm your heart, providing love and insight. Then bam… we get triggered and that warmth turns to anger and defensiveness.

By nature, fire is a transmuter, and its power must be respected. It can warm you… or destroy you. It can light the way when it comes to dealing with conflict when you know how to work with it. Things like blame will destroy you… where looking inward as to why we got angry or defensive will serve your highest good.

December provides you an invitation to connect to higher vibrational energies while getting to know the qualities of discipline and compassion.

Strengthen your connection with higher beings via dreamtime or meditation. Learn what the Ascended Ones learned by letting them teach you from the Ethers and downloading their wisdom to apply to your daily life. All you need to do is ask for it! It really is that simple!

But then you have to do the work of looking inward. That part… not so easy.

Perhaps life isn’t what you want it to be at the moment. If it isn’t, you have to find you power… and that power is your ability to choose. Ahhhh.. if only it were that simple, right?

Choices lead to consequences.

And there’s this issue with our culture… immediate gratification.

We want to be happy NOW.

We want success NOW.

We want change NOW.

Perhaps you are not liking your options so you’re looking at options, but not happy with the choices available. What we need is acceptance and gratitude.

What choices did you make that led you here?

Do you notice that when contemplating decisions/choices, you always seek whether or not it will bring immediate self-gratification or self-sacrifice? Instant gratification may not be the most rewarding option.

Do not let fear get in the way no long. Fear?


Fear if being even more unhappy.

Fear of being rejected.

Fear of having to work hard.

Fear of failing.

Fear of having to sacrifice something and going without.

These things get in the way of making a choice that could give you greater rewards in the future.

Also, for you procrastinators, understand procrastination/inaction is still a choice that may result in someone else making a decision for you, and this could create a future even less desirable then what you currently have.

The solution for any challenge this month will be choice with the consideration of compromise.

Compare and contemplate all of your options.

Research and investigate the pros/cons. Be flexible.

Revelation and illumination will occur for you as the mind opens to the power we have within us.

The Work:

Look at your life experiences and choices and how these shaped you and your life.

Understand that from here, choice is your true power. From here our life changes.

Act with mindfulness and awareness from this moment forward.

Take responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, and your actions.

You cannot blame others when the choice on how to feel, what you believe or how you react/respond truly is yours.

No one can ever take your power.

We willingly give it away by blaming or "not choosing” in periods of indecision. Understand it is your fear that blocks your power here.

Empower and illuminate your life by contemplating options, asking your God Squad for wisdom, look inward to understand yourself and then making decisions from that place of greater knowledge.

We need to get in touch with our shadow self as that is where we can truly heal.

Getting triggered shows us where shadow healing needs to occur.

Allow yourselves to get pissed off... the kind that is defiant and determined… and use it as fuel to do something positive. Use it to fuel change.

Do you need to tell someone to take a long walk off a short pier? Then do it! Say what you really feel instead of trying to soften the blow, so you protect their precious little feelings.

Do you want to say no but are afraid to? Do it anyway!

Meek and compliant does not serve a single Soul!

Be fierce. Stop being afraid.


Sat Dec 10th is the Hope and Healing for the Holidays event.

Tickets and info can be found at

Wishing you all a wonderful and healing Holiday Season!

With Love,

Becky Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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