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Energy Intel: Solar Eclipsed New Moon in Gemini

Energy Intel: Solar Eclipsed New Moon in Gemini (Truth and Revelation Energies)

Harmonization of Ego-Self and Soul-Self

Gemini is the sign of the twins… twins that represent the unification of opposing forces and the harmony that results when opposing forces are put together to make a unified whole.

This month, we should be focusing on intention, alignment and retiring who we once were, and how we used to respond to the world. Retire old thoughts and behaviors that will not get us to where we want to go. And we have to stop to ponder what and where… and what that may mean to us.

This particular solar eclipse/new moon in Gemini is about the initiation of change to create harmony… both within us, and outside of us.

There is change occurring on the collective levels, and also within each of us as individuals. Within this change is the power of choice… the choice to expand your mind and seek higher truths or you can remain in fear and resistance and continue the "blame-shame" game, giving your power away.

Something I would like for you to remember is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience… and balance must be sought to unify the two. Doing away with anything human (like feelings and the like) will not work, simply because we think the ethers “feel” better.

We are deep in the ascension energies and how we are affected by them points the way to where our focus should be.

Are you experiencing a lot of fatigue and other physical symptoms? Then you need to align your human mind and the divine mind to create harmony within your physical vessel… and that is a very individual process. Bodies are important and we must honor them.

If you feel you are indecisive or mentally running the gerbil wheel, you need to align the human brain with the Soul’s intelligence, because discomfort, resistance and struggle are the result of not cuing into the divine wisdom within. Many people know what truth feels like but don’t embrace it. Change is scary… I get it. But you can’t unknow or un-see it.

If you are emotionally struggling, again, alignment is needed. The ego mind creates stories (illusions). The Soul will illuminate the facts. When you allow the Soul’s wisdom into your life, it does not mean it won’t hurt a little, but there will be peace that accompanies it.

There is a powerful energy here that we can harness to initiate healing and change… but you have to hold the intention to grow. You have to WANT it and really hold that in your heart.

Within this timeframe, I encourage you all to be open to opportunities of change. Your life may bring a hidden insight that you will need open ears, open minds and open hearts for.

Think harmony.


Having the heart and mind work as one.

Having your human ego and your Soul-Self work as partners instead of enemies.

The Soul resides in the heart, and the mind is meant to be its servant. Is this happening in your life??


Mercury retrograde means communication snafus. Watch how you are communicating with yourselves! You need to be very aware of what we are doing in the world… not just with others, but with ourselves!

Listen to yourselves, not others. We must utilize discernment within our own hearts to see what is real and true for us. There is no "one truth"… truth differs from person to person. So, know yours. As the saying goes, follow your own arrow. To not do so, will lead you into confusion.

Let the Soul speak now.

Many will find their soul’s purpose, or their calling.

Many will find the courage to let go of things and take the leap into the new.

Many people will redefine themselves and their missions here.

I think it’s appropriate to call this the Summer of Awakening…. Don’t you?

With Love,

For all my Relations,

Becky Costello Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk

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