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February 2022 Energy Intel Report

Well, not gonna lie... this energy update had my head spinning. Funny how I asked Source to learn something new… and they delivered!

So here you go! It is a lot of information, so if needed, revisit a few times to make sense of it all!

The Voice of Hope and Promise

As I sat down to do this month’s energy update, I was first approached by a very pale pink energy. It felt feminine in nature. It didn’t have a form per se, and heard it say to me “I am the energy and the voice of Hope and Promise”.

I let it continue as I felt it wanted to speak to you all today.

“Do not despair when the world appears to be in chaos. You must understand where there is growth there is also destruction. Where there is birth, there is also death. Where there is darkness, there is also light. One makes room for (and can even define) the other”.

“If you look deep within your hearts, you will find me. I am never gone from you, however, I am easily lost amongst the noise of the human mind”.

“I am the voice of promise and hope, a light that can never die. I reside in the heart of each and every one of you. Seek to find me every day and my light and my voice will become louder and more clear”.

Then the energy gently lifted as another one entered.

The Sacred Letters of Light

It is then I felt the energy of a very large, old tree. It’s trunk far larger than a human body. Its branches reached up far beyond what I could see. It felt like within it, it held a portal or a gateway to a place far away from here. I knew somehow it was also related to our ancestors and all the wisdom and knowledge they had from many eons ago.

In front of me flashed a few letters. Confused as to what was going on, the letters were floated in front of me once again… Y… R…T…L.

I had absolutely no idea what this meant, but the letters felt old, ancient and connected to the Hebrew language. I know very little about this but knew that each letter also had particular symbolism and meaning attached. Hebrew is often times known as the Language of Living Light because of the meanings each symbol has. Off I went to try and decipher the cryptic message, as I felt the Spirits giggling at me a little… as I quickly remembered I wanted to learn something new spiritually (be careful what you wish for! It took me a few days to decipher this!!).

If you wish to learn something, feel free to read on the letters as they are interesting, or pop down a bit for the summary.

Y: Yod

Yod represents the Creator, the single point from which all of creation emerges, and the Unity within multiplicity. It is the foundation of all foundations, the hidden Divine spark which causes everything to be. It represents the power of the spirit to govern and guide matter.

Yod also represents the idea of Unity within Multiplicity, of one whole that is comprised of parts, and yet each separate part returns to unity. Everything comes from it and returns to it. It is the Divine spark of life that is in every single being. It has no mass or density, no time or space. In it is the power of the spirit to govern and guide the matter of the material world.

It has the ability to flow with change. It is representative of humanity needing to change during times of change, while maintaining balance and not forgetting its divine essence. We are unique like each star, yet we are all made out of the same thing. We are unique expressions of God’s essence. Without this uniqueness, there is no growth and life remains immovable… and BORING.

R: Resh/Reish

Resh, means leader and beginning. It is the symbol of choosing between greatness and degradation. It represents the qualities of being a leader, not a follower.

Resh is like a constant flow of energy, breaking through, breaking down into pieces, and building anew. It is the energy of degradation and then rebirth.

Resh also relates to the spiritual DNA we are meant to explore in life. It contains the secrets of our origins. It is the library of our Creator within our very bodies.

The energy of Resh promotes ascension, in both our bodies, but also in our minds and spirits. Often, this begins through something that triggers fear, pushing us to question our faith or our beliefs regarding our spirituality. Fear shocks the ego, breaking down the hardness of the heart, and resets our egos because it has prevented us from being truly receptive and perceptive to the Divine Essence of all reality.

Resh is the essence of drawing down spiritual awakening into the human experience as a result of an honest effort to grow and the readiness to pay the price for doing so.

T: Tet/Teit

Tet is the symbol of the goodness in all creation. Pregnancy. A journey in search for Truth.

It teaches us to choose the good, and also the realization that even within the bad things that happen, there is hidden good. It is kindness and mercy and the principle that everything is eternal and nothing is ever lost.

Its energy can teach us to remember that we all are born with the exact same purpose… to restore all to good and to heal the “bad”. Goodness is not always outward. Most goodness lies hidden within the heart of mankind.

Tet is also connected to the number 9 and pregnancy, Tet reminds us we have the power to make things happen. It is through the service of the Soul, we are all connected to God’s goodness and beauty and that we are capable of bringing Heaven to the Earth.

It is connected to a journey in search of truth. However, we must be wise enough to recognize the truth and not play pretend. Tet says to the searchers to look around and acknowledge the great truth through the small things you encounter every day, for the nature of things already lives inside them and you. The light you seek is everywhere in everything.

L: Lamed

Lamed is the symbol of learning, a learning done with the heart and soul, not just the mind. Lamed indicates that spiritual learning is the heart of human existence. Man’s course in life is to learn and express spiritual teachings and practice with every breath of life.

Lamed is the lightning strike of energy teaching us to learn from everything in life.

Lamed teaches us to learn, because without learning there is no progress at any level. The best way to learn is to teach others what we have learned ourselves. This is giving without expecting anything in return.

Lamed is concerned with the learning of shedding old selves, learning to say no and putting boundaries in place. This is choosing to be loyal to the path of truth. The price of learning is usually connected to the shedding of the things that block the next elevation of learning, which are usually connected to things that have been previously learned.

These letters and their meanings are the directives for humanity at this time. In case you are a bit perplexed (You should have seen the look on my face when I was told to decipher Hebrew!!), this is the culmination of what this means (Hebrew is read right to left):

L- We are shedding who we were and learning who we really are as Divine Beings and fragments of Source. We are learning to live from our hearts, not our minds. Humanity as a collective is changing.

T- We are on a journey in search of Truth. That truth is understanding there is goodness in everything. When we find it we cannot unsee it. It also illuminates all the darkness which is hidden as the Truth is one of Light… and light makes things visible.

R-We have the choice to grow or degrade. We are all made of the same cosmic stuff and divine light, but what we choose to do with it is up to us. We are born with special spiritual DNA that is activating us to expand and learn more about our truth as Source in flesh. We are undergoing a spiritual awakening.

Y-There is a Divine Spark hidden within each of us. This energy moves like the river and flows. We should embrace our divinity and learn to be flexible as change is ever constant. Do not get attached to what was as it no longer exists.

A Message from a Sacred Pine Tree

The energy of the sacred pine came through as what is called the Elder Grandfather. In shamanic traditions, the grandfather was the keeper of information and would hand it down to the younger generations when he deemed it the right time. He taught the way or preparing and planning and that one must work hard to provide. The sacred pine also shares its energy with the Great Mountain. They give to each other and represent the beauty that can come out of working together and sharing with others.

The pine tree is a symbol of longevity and also represents peace, wisdom and harmony with nature. It is also noted to banish negative energy and be protective when you feel you need a shield around you. In some tribes, pine is used as medicine.

Mountains symbolize constancy, eternity, firmness, and stillness. ... Many ancient cultures considered the mountain the “Center of the World.” It often serves as a cosmic axis linking heaven and earth and providing “order” to the universe.

The Sacred Pine on the Great Mountain spoke to me and said “The journey one takes in climbing the mountain, a symbol of spiritual growth, involves many challenges. But with each challenge, one learns what they are capable of and their ability to understand the great cosmic wisdom expands. The pines protect you on the path from things of great harm. Pine protects you, nourishes you and gives you peace when you need shelter. We exist for you and solly for you and your existence. Without trees there would be no air to breathe and the 2 leggeds would not have life”.

"The Elder Grandfather is ready to share with you his wisdom of the times of old. He is ready to give this to those whose hearts and minds are ready. Those who are not will not understand what is happening and will remain in a cloud of confusion".

I felt this message was about getting grounded in nature again. Where I reside it can get bitterly cold and we can easily make up a million excuses why we shouldn’t go out the door to commune with trees. However, as the Sacred Pine stated, we need trees for our wellbeing. If you cannot get outside, fill your eyes with images and really try to connect. Meditate and connect to the underworld which you can enter through the trunk of a very large tree that has a hole in it. Make some time each day to listen to the sounds of nature or find other ways to place its energy into your heart. It is in the place of the underworld we can connect with spirits and ancestors and learn new things or simply prepare ourselves to be receptive to new information and magic.

Lady of the Lake

I felt the energy shift and I found myself in a fog and I knew it was night. As the fog started to shift, I noticed it seemed to part much like a curtain, allowing me to realize I was in a small boat floating on still, dark waters. I felt the presence of a very strong woman, one of power.

She stated “I am the Lady of the Lake”. I somehow knew who she was. She is much like the High Hriestess in Tarot. She is the teacher of the mystical. I knew enough to take her seriously.

She speaks to me;

“Remember the magic you were taught over all these lifetimes you have lived”. I paused for a moment because I didn’t know if she was talking to me or all of us.

“She said there are a great many of you who have learned together and have been together in many lifetimes learning and growing in your magic”.

“Remember your truth and your gifts. Much is going on to confuse you now, and if you are not centered in that deep knowing, you will not know your next move or where you are going”.

“Perhaps you were given a map with your life’s journey all laid out for you, yet you find that each appointed destination you reach on the map leaves you feeling unfulfilled. This is because the map you were given was drawn out by someone other than you and by the illusions of the current society in which you live. That society is now dying”.

“Look within you to reconnect with your own inner compass. It is called your Soul. It will point you in the direction you need to go. Your logic may argue with you and throw a tantrum, threatening you with all kinds of scenarios to dissuade you from diverging from the map you were given. You must trust your hearts and know that the mind does not bring peace to the human… only the Soul can”.

“You are now the Great Archer, with is arrow pulled back ready to move in a new direction” (I am shown the sign of Sagittarius and feel somehow it is related to the Lunar Nodes of the astrological chart, so more research was needed!).

These Nodes work together and must be balanced energetically.

The North Node is related to what we are wanting to achieve in this lifetime. It represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn.

The South Node is related to what needs healing, in our past lives and karmically... It also speaks of the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes.

The key is to use your South Node as a springboard into our North Node destiny.

What is interesting to note is that the Nodes changed signs recently. This means a new destiny began January 18, 2022, as the lunar nodes spin into a fresh pair of signs and bring us a Taurus (North Node)-Scorpio (South Node) cycle until July 17, 2023. No wonder we are all feeling so wonky huh?

Collectively, with the North Node in Taurus, now it is about learning how to work smarter, not harder. It will be about learning to come to peace with our bodies and finding the courage to live our truthfully. We will be learning how to love unconditionally at 100%, including ourselves.

The challenges here will be that the South Node is in Scorpio, which is emotional. Remember, we are to harmonize the opposing nodes. So, when anger and frustration slap you in the face, we need to be cognizant now not to take it out on others. The South Node in Scorpio will increase the emotional waters for all of us. This is not a bad thing!! Sometimes you got to add more and more water to rinse out a mucky pot. We are the mucky pots.

The South Node in Scorpio also increases our intuition, so we will be able to tap into our inner knowing and find clarity where perhaps there was confusion on how to proceed. Tapping into this inner guide is very important in our healing process. We must learn to also decipher or discern the difference between our inner guide and our ego’s resistance.

As summary, we need to find the courage to live and be our truth, keep our emotions in check while learning to let go of things that no longer serve us. Spirit doesn’t care if it hurts. Spirit simply wants us to stop enslaving ourselves.

If you cannot tell, February is set to be a humdinger of a month energetically. Very, very powerful energies coming in. I keep returning to the Hebrew letters and this feeling like we are all being changed so deeply we are almost being lifted out of our old selves and we are so drunk we do not realize it is happening! Personally, I am so excited as I can feel the “engines” revving up again and I know it means something exciting is underway!

Also, 2 powerhouse days to be aware of:



These energies will open stargates. These stargates will pry open our hearts even more. The 2nd will be a day to open our hearts individually. The 22nd will be a cosmic dilation. The energies that will come in on this day will be unprecedented in a very sacred way. These are 2 great days to plan rituals or magic events or spend time with those you love and make a special ceremony to honor these energies. Energy updates for these 2 dates will come near their times.

Thank you for being with me on this Journey into the Sacred.

With Love,

Rebecca Costello, Psychic Medium

Dancing Elk Shamanic Healing

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